Happy Friday! Today (like every day this week) was quiet and mellow. Not much going on. Ashlyn, though her cough is 80% better, has now developed a fever. She fluctuates between 99.7º and 101º (her worst at 102.5º). She's never had a fever for longer than a day...so it's making me a bit nervous. Regardless of her fever, she still maintains her happy-go-lucky demeanor.

Tonight, Aric and I had a movie-date. This is the first time I asked someone (other than my family) to babysit Ashlyn.
Emily said she felt so honored that I asked. But the truth of the matter is...both Aric and I feel completely comfortable leaving Ashlyn with her. If anything, I was worried that maybe Ashlyn might scare her from ever wanting to do it again. HAHAHAHA!

It's been a really long while since Aric and I have gone to the movie-theater together. We went to see "Better Luck Tomorrow". I've actually seen it already...with Wil, Ivy, Oli, Tony, and Paul in SJ. Aric wanted to see it, and I didn't mind seeing it again. I like the movie and definitely caught more seeing it the second time around. (Thoughts on the movie to be posted in another journal entry).

We had grabbed a quick bite at Rollerz in Irvine Spectrum and caught the 7pm showing. The thing I miss most about going to the movies are the spectacular trailers. We saw trailers to "Terminator 3", "Kill Bill", and "Bad Boys II". They all look good. But I think I'm most looking forward to "X-Men 2" and "Matrix Reloaded". *clapping* hehehehe

When we got home, Ashlyn was having fun with Emily and barely looked over at us. *squint eyes* Aric and I had a really nice evening. I almost forgot what it was like to go on a "date". Hmmmm, I just might take Emily's offer to babysit again. =D

Have a great weekend!

Ashlyn and Emily

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