Today was another quiet day. I spent most of it uploading pictures from my last visit. Pictures from Sarah's Bachelorette Party brings a chuckle (or two) to my lips. hehehe

I think Ashlyn's cold is getting better. She no longer has a runny nose and her coughing fits are less violent. The antibiotics are working. Too bad it's such a struggle to get her to take them. She fights tooth and nail before she's forced to swallow the yucky medicine. It's "bubble gum"flavored, but that thing smells nothing like bubble gum. It's stinky and bitter. =(

Ashlyn and I resumed our usual Wednesday Nite Dinner at Grace's. It's been 6 weeks since our last Wednesday Nite Dinner. Wow...I can't believe how fast time flies. It was great catching up with James and Grace over dinner. Aric joined us after class and we stayed close to midnight.

I know, I'm lagging on updating the webpage. All the backloading is overwhelming. There are times when I want to say "forget it...I don't want to do it anymore" and take the entire site down. But I can't....not now at least.

Pictures from tonight:




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