Ashlyn caught a cold while we were up North. She has a runny nose and phlemy cough. It's been over a week now so I decided to take her to the Doctor's today. I'm not quite sure what she has, but the Doc said something about bronchio-spasms. *shrug* Anyway, Ashlyn's on antibiotics now and it should clear up soon.

Afterwards we got the car washed and stopped by Grace's for lunch. We didn't stay long since Ashlyn's sick and Lauren had major dental work done (poor thing was so out-of-it today).

Spent the rest of the day doing laundry, cleaning house, and taking care of my sick tyke. Nothing too exciting.

"Smallville" was pretty exciting though. *WOO-HOO!* Brand new episode! I talked to Sonny today and he told me they started airing new episodes last week. DAMN!...I missed it! I never watch TV when I'm at my folks'. *sigh* Next week's should be good....the sneek peek showed Clark's bare derriere! WHOA! *fan self* HAHAHAHA!

Ashlyn's Pic of the Day

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