(Brian and Brandon - Mar.2003)
Wishing you a great birthday filled with many wonderful memories!

Ashlyn and I spent most of the day on the road. The drive home from NorCal felt long and draining. I was surprised to share the road with so many motorists on this Easter Day. I suppose they were doing the same thing I was...just trying to get home.

Anyhow, on my drive home, I passed a couple of car accidents (that jammed up the road) and witnessed an unfortunate car fire. =/
It was pretty sad seeing the family standing safely (yet sadly) on the shoulder watching their minivan go up in smoke. As I drove past it, the intense heat from the fire felt hot on my face.
It made me wonder how the family was going to get home. I mean...we were on I5 in the middle of Bakersfield and The Grapevine. Exits are far and few. Luckily for me, I have GPS...if I had a flat tire, I could tell AAA my location by the exact miles from my destination. BUT...if my car were on fire...well, heck...I'd be screwed too. =/

I got back by 5:30pm. I made pretty good time (considering the car accidents and LA traffic). It took me 6 hours. I stopped only once, in Torrance, for gas and a diaper change.
Ashlyn was a really good girl and an excellent companion. If I had to drive an 18-Wheeler for a living, she would be a cool side-kick. I know a lot of babies (and adults) who can't stand to be in a car for longer than an hour...but Ashlyn's pretty good about long trips. She sat up front (strapped in her toddler seat, of course). She napped for an hour, but for the most part we bopped along to kiddie songs and made silly faces at each other. =D

Grace and James threw a BBQ for Easter and Brian's birthday. By the time Ashlyn and I got there, I was really tired and my butt was sore. Though I wasn't much of a conversationalist at dinner, it was nice to be back. I missed Aric, and our friends, and their lil' ones. =)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Pictures from tonight:

Brian and his cake

me and Ashlyn

Ed and Liv

Patti and Karis

Grace and Brandon

look how big the lil' ones are getting!

Ashlyn carrying mommy's purse

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