Happy Friday! I've been spending a lot of time with Ivy this week and spending a lot of time at home with my parents. Though there are some people I wish to see, it's nice not having any set plans....especially when Ashlyn's not feeling well and the weather's so cold.

Last night, Sis, Mom, Marisa, Wil, Tony, Ivy, Oli, and I went to The Mall of Greatness (Great Mall). We had dinner at Dave and Buster's and shopped around. I made a killing at the Arden B. Outlet. A mohair knit shirt, originally $78...I got for $6!!! Kinda makes you wonder how much they mark-up at the retail stores. Hmmmmm...

Today I had lunch with Sis, my nieces, Heidi and her kids, and Sis's friend and her kids at Cheescake Factory in Valley Fair. Lunch was good. I've been eating too well and too much lately, so I decided to go with a lunch portion salad (which I still couldn't finish).

We decided to walk around Valley Fair afterwards. I took Ashlyn over to the kiddie play area to play. The minute we got there, Ashlyn got shoved down by a little boy...he roughly put his hand on her face and pushed her to the ground. I was totally shocked, but even more shocked to see his grandmother wave an unthreatening finger at him and resume her conversation with a friend. *squint eyes* I pulled Ashlyn to her feet and automatically noticed that her confidence was shot...she stood hiding behind my legs. I took her to the far side of the play area and coaxed her into playing with other things. It didn't take long before she was back to her old self. But from the other side of the play area, I couldn't help but keep a watchful eye on that boy. I saw him hit, pinch, and bite other kids. Finally some lady who witnessed everything, went over and scolded him then walked over to his grandmother and told the grandmother to: 1) watch her grandson carefully, or 2) remove him from the play area. The grandmother took her grandson and left.
I saw some other fights break out in the play area too. Now I understand how fights errupt at little league games and such...some parents are aggro and don't play fair. A lady told a little kid not to touch the toy her son was playing with because her son got there first. Ummm, hello?!...there's such a thing called sharing. How do you expect the kids to know better if they don't have a good role model? *sheesh!* I took Ashlyn out of there soon after.

Tonight I stayed home and spent time with my parents.
Have a wonderful weekend! =D

Pictures from today:

Sis and me

Chris and Amanda

Miko, Joyce, Marisa, and Mark-Anthony

Ashlyn's "yucky" face

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