HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Ivan and Susan!

Sarah had her Bridal Shower today! It was such a fun event! About 40+ guests came out to shower her with love, attention, laughs, tears, and gifts. The Bride-To-Be looked so pretty and happy. =D
We enjoyed an afternoon filled with lots of food, games, prizes, and the company of wonderful friends.

Sarah, Sel, Wil, Tally, Bett, and Mayu


Ashlyn and Ivy

Stacey, Liz, and Joyce

Sarah and her mommy

Mayu, Liz, Sarah, and Joyce

opening gifts

Bride-zilla and her bridesmaids

After the festivites, Sarah and I spent the afternoon/evening hanging out and catching up. Wil and Tony came over and we all ate dinner with my family. Sarah left shortly after. On a whim, Ivy called to see if we wanted to join her, Oli, and Paul to see "Better Luck Tomorrow".

The movie was pretty good. I had no idea what it was about and had no expectations. As I watched the movie, I realized that I saw people I knew in each of the characters. Every now and then, Wil and I would turn to each other and say, "Ohmigawd, that is totally so-n-so!"
I can relate with the movie. The only difference is that it's high school in the movie...and for me, it was college. The movie touched on many issues on so many different levels.
Without giving away too much, I thought the movie was multi-dimensional, deeply provocative, entertaining, and a strong foot-in-the-door for future Asian American films.
The guy who played "Ben" looks DEAD-ON like my friend, Wayne. The guy who played "Han" is HOT! hehehehe

After seeing the movie, I couldn't help but feel anxious over what it would be like when Ashlyn goes to high school. =/ *Egads!*

Hope you as much fun this weekend as I did! I'm pooped!....G'Nite! =)

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