Happy Friday! Today I spent a relaxing day with Sis and her sis-in-law, Heidi. We had a nice lunch, shopped a bit, and picked up my nieces from school.
On my way back to my parent's house, this obnoxious lady (in her brand new Jaguar) peels out of her driveway and nearly broadsides me. I jammed on the brakes and laid on my horn. She screeched to a stop...and I swear her bumper was just inches from my driver's door. I stared at her and she had the nerve to lay on her horn and mouth the word, "mooooove!"
I was appauled!...no apology or a "oops, my bad" look. For a second there, it made me wonder if I ran a stop sign or if she actually had the right of way. So I pulled forward and after she got behind me, I stopped my car. I very much wanted to get out of my car and bitch her out. Sis, her sister-in- law, and all our kids looked at me nervously. For a good three seconds, we all sat there quietly. In the rear view, I saw the obnoxious lady waving her arms madly in her car. *bite lip* I proceeded to drive, and the obnoxious lady attempted to pass me on the right. So I pull to the right. She tries to pass on the left. I pull to the left. I could tell that it was pissing her off. Good! Stupid lady. We were only a couple of blocks away from home (which means, she's an obnoxious neighbor), so when I finally turned into my street, she roared by me with her foot heavy on the gas. *ARGH!*

I'm generally a nice person, but sometimes I'm scared by how much road rage consumes me. So much anger without a single verbal exchange. *shake head* How is that possible?! *Ugh!* My mom always reminds me to be patient and calm in action, thought, and feeling... especially now that I'm a "mom". Hmmmmm...funny, I don't feel like a "mom". =P
Anyhow, obnoxious people like that will get theirs. I bet her new Jag will get keyed up in the first week.

Tonight a bunch of us got together at Ivy and Oli's. We ordered World Wrapps, played Trivial Pursuit, and watched movies. Ashlyn was spoiled with attention. Mayu brought a bunch of toys over for her to play with. But the best is when Paul tries to hold her....because Ashlyn always bursts into tears. HAHAHA! I don't know why Ashlyn's so scared of him.
Ashlyn developed a really bad cough today. I must be the foul weather. =(

Have a great weekend!

Pictures from tonight:

friends hanging out

Paul and Ashlyn

Ivy, Parkin, Matty, Wil, and Wing playing Trivial Pursuit

Ashlyn mimicking mommy

me and Ashlyn

Ashlyn having fun

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