Guess what? Now that Ashlyn and I have finally settled in at home, we're leaving again. Yep, NorCal beckons. It's tough when I have so many ties that bind me to the Bay Area.
I'll be gone for nearly two weeks....Sarah's Bridal Shower this weekend, her Bachelorette Party the following weekend, my sister's birthday in between, and a bunch of much needed errands, appointments, and fittings. All festive occassions that I'm really looking forward to...but I feel bad for my hubby. It must be lonely and hard on Aric to be without us for such long stretches of time. He misses out on being with Ashlyn and watching her grow. =(
But you know what?...he never complains. He's really unselfish. If it were the other way around, I don't know if I would be so accepting. =T

Anyhow, I'm driving up. I forgot to buy my ticket in advance...but it worked out well since I have a gang load of stuff to take up...plus having my own car up there would come in handy. My friends keep asking if Ashlyn and I will be okay with the long drive, but after the Japan/Taiwan trip, shooo...there ain't nothing I can't handle. hehehe I think it'll be fine.

Today I kept busy cleaning house, vacuuming, doing laundry, wrapping gifts, and packing. Ashlyn played with her toys and watched "Barney". She cracks me up when she dances and tries to sing along to the songs. This is what she sounds like when she sings: "aye uh ah ah uh oh aye aye aha uh huh oh ho ah la ta aye ooooh." HAHAHAHAHA! It's like that for EVERY song! HAHAHA! Goofy.

I forgot to take pictures today...it was a long and busy day for me. But I'll leave you guys with some studio pictures my family and I took in Taiwan. It was soooo much fun taking those pictures! I have to apologize, the images are a bit blurry because Sis scanned her album and the pictures are laminated with some sort of matte paper.
I was such a dork and accidentally left my album at my parents' house. Aric hasn't even seen these pictures yet. There are some really cute ones of Ashlyn in my album. I'll share them when I get a chance.

It's almost 2:30am. I'm pooped! Pictures and journals will resume when I get back. Which also means that you'll have to wait a bit longer for the Japan/Taiwan journals. *sowie!* =P

The Lin Dynasty

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil


Wil, Mom, me, and Sis
(in our own clothes)

Mom, Sis, Wil, me, and Marisa

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