HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Nikki and Eric!


(top picture taken in 1995 with Mike, bottom picture taken five years later)
Who would have thought that we would end up together?

At times I still can't believe I ended up with Aric. It amazes me that through my life's ups, downs, twists, and turns, it led me to a surprisingly peaceful new beginning. I almost feel undeserving of such a happy and comfortable marriage. hehehehe
Aric is an incredible person! He is a terrific husband, father, and friend. I'm a lucky gal. =D

Tonight we're celebrating our anniversary at home with the lil' munchkin. We're going to have a relaxing junk-food picnic in the living room...complete with burgers, fries, hot wings, and other tasty treats. We're going to pop in a DVD and lounge in our sweats. It probably doesn't sound like much...but we totally love it! With our busy schedules, it's nice to set aside some quiet time being together and indulge in being the lazy pigs that we are. HAHAHAHA!

Ohmigosh! Guess what I got for an anniversary gift?

A new camera! The Canon S50!

Peg: "But I just got a new camera."
Aric: "This one's better."
Peg: "Hmmmm...but I like my camera."
Aric: "You'll like this one better."
Am I spoiled or what?! =O

Posting early so I can enjoy my evening! =) I'm all up-to-date post trip. I'll work on getting the Japan/Taiwan journals up as soon as possible.

Ashlyn flying

Aric and our lil' monkey

Ashlyn and Aric

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