Hoped you turned your clocks forward!

Today was a nice mellow Sunday. We all slept in and had brunch at the Mitsuwa food-court. We bought some stuff at the market and walked around at the mall.

We wanted to buy Ashlyn a new pair of Stride Rites since her old ones are a bit tight and getting tattered. We stood around the Stride Rite store looking at shoes and waited for one of the salespersons to come help us. One salesman was busy helping another customer while the other two salesgirls stood at the counter engrossed in conversation. I finally asked one of the girls, "Can one of you help me, or do I need to wait for that gentleman?"
Let me just tell you that I got one of THE nastiest glares ever. One of the girls replied, "Well, what do you need?" *blank stare* EXCUSE ME?!...OH NO YOU DID NOT!
Peg: "Can you please measure my daughter's feet?"
The girl rolled her eyes and said, "fine".
I was really unhappy. After Ashlyn tried on a few pairs of shoes, I decided to leave without buying a pair. I refuse to patronize the store after being on the recieving end of such shitty service and attitude. I get mad just thinking about it. I should have asked for the store manager or something. A little too late. Sometimes I get mad at myself for being "too nice". I need someone like Mouji-Boy to, not only address the problem, but to force and reduce people into cowering in a corner and suck their thumb for comfort.
Aric didn't understand why I declined to purchase shoes today...even after finding the perfect pair. He knows that I'll probably come back for the shoes another day...why didn't I just get them today? It's the principle of the matter. I don't expect him to understand the reasoning behind my actions...as long as he's supportive regardless. Just like I don't understand why he gets so mad when some "falls asleep" at a light causing us to miss a turn. *shrug* hehehe

We got home around 6pm, but it was so bright out. We played with Ashlyn in the front yard and blew bubbles for her. She loves that!

Ashlyn turned a year and half today! I'm enjoying this stage the most thusfar. She's so playful and fun. Developmentally, she understands what you say and can communicate back. Her personality came out so much this past month, and being able to see what she's growing into is such a joy. She's very outgoing, she's inquisitive, she's patient, she's sensitive, she's empathetic, she's rambunctious, she's curious, she's smart, she's got a silly sense of humor, and she's very loving and sweet.
She learns so much by watching others, copying actions, and repeating words. [A warning to you foul-mouth aunties and uncles out there] HAHAHAHA! She has an excellent memory and can problem solve or out-smart you.
Physically, she's grown a bit taller and gained some weight (about 3 pounds or so). Her hair is getting a little fuller and fuzzier on top. Her teeth are sprouting out more and she's got some BIG teeth! hehehe She's strong as an ox and she's pretty darn healthy. Her favorite word right now is "NO." But she doesn't say it all bratty (at least most of the time). She really coming into her own now. If I can keep her in this stage forever, that would be just fine with me! =D
Ashlyn is my pride and joy. I love her more than I thought I could possibly love anyone. She has the ability to make everyone around her smile. She's so special....and I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom. Okay...I am.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn and her new favorite chair

Ashlyn's "squinty" face

Happy Ashlyn

Ashlyn "interviewing" Daddy

silly Ashlyn and me

Ashlyn laughing

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