Ashlyn and I had lunch with Emily, Wing, Ann, and Phil at SensAsian (a new Martin Yan restaurant that just opened up at the Marketplace). The food was good....a bit pricey for your usual Chinese fare...but I suppose it's more for the presentation and ambiance. Wing kept complaining about how cheesy it was for them to serve dishes on fancy plates, but rice came in your typical no-nonsense $2 plastic rice bucket. hehehehe

The weather cooled down drastically. The sunshine disguised the windiness and chill. I was freeezing all day! I even dressed the baby in shortalls today and her poor chubby legs were all cold. =(

After lunch, Emily, Wing, and I went to the mall to walk around. I bought some sandals at American Eagle Outfitters. The funny thing was I saw similar sandals in Taiwan but they were going for $700NT (about $20.00) and thought that was too much. Then today I plunked down $35.00 and thought it was a great deal. What the hell is wrong with me?!
Whenever I travel to Asia, I automatically expect to get things for dirt-cheap. If it's not dirt-cheap, then I figure I must be getting ripped off. Weird. =P

After we got boba drinks at Lollicups, Ashlyn and I headed home. Aric had just gotten home from school and we spent a nice quiet evening at home. While Aric and Ashlyn played, I did 3 loads of laundry, vacuumed, and cleaned out my entire closet. It took a while but now my clothes are all nice and organized. *pat self on back* =D

We took some home videos of Ashlyn, and I finally saw Britney Spear's movie "Crossroads". I was embarassed at myself for crying at the end. Not sad crying, but the part where she's singing and her dad's (Dan Akroyd) eyes welled up with proud tears. Yeah...that did it for me. *sniff* I'm such a retard. =)

Pictures from today:

Wing, Em, Ann, and Phil

Em, me, Ashlyn, and Ann

Ashlyn with Wing and Em at South Coast Plaza

Ashlyn's Pic of the Day

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