*YAY!* Ashlyn slept through the morning! Let's hope she continues. Today was pretty eventful. Sonny and I toured Aliso Viejo, Laguna Hills, and eventually Quail Hill in Irvine looking at houses. We had lunch CPK at Laguna Mall because...much to my surprise....Sonny's never been there. I think we found something he liked at Quail Hill. Unfortunately, they were closing so we rushed through the models. We'll check it out again tomorrow.

Tonight we got together with Ed, Sue, and Sam for dinner at Seoul-Oak in Garden Grove. Food was really yummy with huge portions! I really need to cut back on my food intake. I got used to eating a lot on my trip, and now I can't seem to stop. Did I mention that I gained 7 pounds on my trip?! For reals! *Boo-Hoo!* =)

After dinner, Aric took Sonny for coffee in Westminster. We're not talking your ordinary Starbucks. But I'll let Sonny describe it to you in his journals. hehehe
We spent the rest of the evening at home watching "Barney" and TV. Sonny loves being with Ashlyn. It's so endearing watching him dote on her every waking second. And she loves being with him, too. It sure is a lot less work for me. HAHAHAHA!

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn eyeing Uncle Sonny's sneakers

trying them on for size

and his glasses, too!

Ashlyn and Sonny

Just being silly

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