Wishing you a great birthday and a wonderful year to follow!

The past couple of days/nights have been pretty messed up. The first night back (Sunday), Ashlyn wouldn't sleep. She finally dozed off at 6am and slept until 4:30pm Monday! So Monday, I refused to let her nap. I forced her to stay up from 4:30pm to 2am. She wanted to nap at 9:30pm, but I wouldn't let her. Yeah, I'm a meanie...but I have to do what I have to do. When I put her down at 2am, she was able to sleep till 10:30am Tuesday. *Horray!*...er, so I thought....then last night we put her down at midnight, and she woke up a couple of hours later and wouldn't sleep until 4am! We woke up around 2pm this afternoon. *Ugh!* It's taking us so long to get back to our regular sleeping schedule. Aric, on the other, is back to normal. Lucky guy. =)

Sonny drove down today. He hit a bit of I405 traffic and got in right before dinner. I forced him to sit through one of my homecooked meals. Poor guy. hehehe Then took him to The Yardhouse at The Spectrum for drinks and dessert.
On our way back to the house, we stopped off at Blockbuster to rent "The Ring". *shivers!* What made me think that I was brave enough to sit through that movie is beyond me! I think it's because my 16-year old nieces kept telling me how good it was and my mom (who saw the Japanese version, "Ringu") shrugged it off like it ain't no thang. It was the creepiest movie I ever seen! The images are disturbing and haunting. I really hate movies that involve spooky kids. Kids should be happy, Dammit!....like the kids on "Barney"!
Afterwards, we watched "Barney" a couple of times over for good measure.
As if I didn't have enough problems sleeping...here's something to keep me up longer at nights! *POO!*

Peg: "I'm scared!"
Aric: "Then watch the war coverage on CNN."
*pause* Hmmmm....now there something that puts everything in perspective.

Ashlyn and The Swank One at The Yardhouse
(pitifully, this is the only picture I took today)

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