Yep, my shedule is all whacked! I woke up at 1:30pm in a complete panic. I had a 3:15pm flight to Orange County and I was nowhere near finished packing! I had a bunch of laundry that still needed to be packed, and Ashlyn's toys were everywhere! I threw the essentials into my bag and left a bunch of stuff at my parents. Dad stood intimidatingly over me as I shoved stuff into my suitcase. He kept pointing to his watch and saying, "There's NO time!"
My heart was beating so hard in my chest and I felt nauseous. =(

Ashlyn was still sleeping deeply when I finally roused her at 2pm. She wasn't very happy about that.

We made the flight and I was able to breathe easy. After those long international flights with Ashlyn, flying domestic was a piece of cake. She sat quietly on my lap and didn't move a muscle. It was pretty awesome! =)
Aric flew into LAX from London and arrived a little earlier than anticipated. He was able to get through customs, get home, and pick me up at John Wayne by 4:30pm.

We went straight from the airport to Baby Liv's 100th Day Celebration Dinner in Garden Grove. Just like yesterday, it was nice being surrounded by friends after a long trip.
Seeing all the babies and how much they've grown made me feel like I was gone much longer than I actually was. Liv, Brandon, Karis, Taylor, and even Lauren looked much bigger and older. =)

We all hung out at Ed and Sue's afterward. Aric was pretty tired, because I found him snoring loudly on Ed's couch around 10pm. hehehehe Poor guy. But once we got home, we both unpacked and he suddenly had an abundance of energy. We shared stories and souveniers. My sweetheart brought me some English tea and chocolates from Belgium! *YUMMY!* =D

The weather is super warm here. We had to turn on the AC because our bedroom was over 80 degrees! *sigh* Home Sweet Home! It's nice to be back! =D

Pictures from tonight:

Daddies and their babies

me, Aric, Sam, Patti, Ed, Sue, Brian, Grace, James, and Grace with our lil' ones

Baby Liv and her grandfather

Grace, Brandon, and Brian

Ashlyn and Aric

Liv, Karis, and Brandon

Ed and Brandon

Grace and Taylor

Ashlyn playing with the balloons

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