"I NEED TO PACK!" That was the first thing I said to myself when I woke up this morning.
"...I'll do it after I feed Ashlyn and take a shower."
"...I'll do it after I get back from lunch with Grace."
"...I'll do it after I get back from Mervyns."
"...I'll do it after I rest a bit on the couch."
"...I'll do it after I check email."
"...I'll do it after I clean out the fridge."
"...I'll do it after this small load of laundry."
"...I'll do it after dinner."
"...I'll do it after "American Idol"."
"...I'll do it after Ashlyn goes down to bed."
"...I'll do it after I update my webpage."

GATDAMN!...never fails...I'm such a lagger! I called Wil to see what she's bringing.
Wil: *aghast* "WHAT?! You haven't packed yet?!"
Peg: *sigh* "yeah, I know."

I guess I better go pack now. =(

Updates and picture posts will resume when I get back. Be good while I'm gone. I'll miss you guys! hehehehe =D

Ashlyn blowing Mommy a kiss

Ashlyn reading. hehehehe

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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