"Snip-snip...goodbye hair!"

Before and After

This morning, Cin, Matty, Aric, and Ashlyn went with me to my hair appointment at Rusk. It took way longer than they promised. I think we sat around from 11am-1pm before it was my turn. They lopped off a lot. Much more than I had anticipated. It's a nice cut nevertheless, but I suppose I just have to get used to it. =T
I got some free Rusk products for participating in the haircut...so that was cool.
From the last poll, most of you like my hair short. But THIS short? What do you think?

Which hairstyle suits Peg?
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We grabbed a late lunch at B.D. Mongolian BBQ at the Marketplace and vegged out at home until Matty and Cin had to leave. =(

Aric and I went to Macy's Men at South Coast Plaza so Aric could buy some nice dress shirts and ties. He needs to dress up in a suit during his business school residential (that is fast approaching in a couple of weeks in the Netherlands). He just invested in another suit. COOL!
I think my hubby looks handsome in suits. =)

We stopped off at Target on the way home. I needed to pick up some stuff for my trip next week.
I'm so excited! A two-week long vacation with my parents and sisters (and Marisa and Ashlyn)! It's been ages since our family took a vacation all together. Because Sis is much older, she stopped joining us in family trips after she got married. I think the last family vacation we took together, was in 1980! We were invited to my parents' friend's cabin in Lake Tahoe and I remember rafting down Truckee River and watching Sis jet-ski on the Lake. DANG!...that was long time ago! This trip is such a rarity...I'm totally looking forward to it! *YIPPEE!*

Anyhow, I've got much to do in the next few days...don't know if I'll get around to updating again. I'll try, but I haven't been good about updating in a timely manner lately anyways. *sorry* =P

Hope you had a great weekend!

Pictures from today:

me and Cin at lunch

Aric and Ashlyn

me and Cin

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