HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Juana & Lawton!

Today Cin, Matty, Aric, Wey, Ashlyn, and I spent the day at The Block in Orange. We enjoyed a nice outdoor lunch at Wolfgang Puck Cafe, and walked around and shopped. I was hoping to buy some clothes for my upcoming trip, but didn't have much luck finding anything I liked. I noticed that my style in clothes have changed a lot. I came out empty-handed from all the fun trendy fashion stores I used to frequent, and discovered a peak in interest in such stores as Ann Taylor Loft.

Something happened while Cin and I were perusing Windsor. Three women (whom I caught pointing at me from across the room) approached me. Like any stranger or random persons who approaches me, I automatically assume they're going to ask me to buy something, join something, fill out a survey, or give a donation. It was something like that, but not really...
they turned out to be stylists for Rusk and were interested in cutting my hair.
I explained that I just recently got my hair cut and wasn't interested. I don't exactly remember what they said, but they basically implied that the cut I got last week was blunt and awkward and that they can "fix" it. That made me feel a bit self-concious...like, "wha?....what's wrong with my hair?"...so I asked them what they would do to "fix" it. They proceeded to explain that they would blend the layers so it didn't look so chunky and add style to the hair so it would require less maintenance. <---With that said, I was pretty much sold. Especially since for the past week, I've been struggling with the hairdryer and curling iron to style my hair (and each time I do it, it turned out a little different than the day before). I made an appointment for tomorrow. I'm feeling a bit antsy about it.
The rest of the afternoon was more walking around and window shopping. Aric, Matty, Cin, Ashlyn, and I stopped by Marukai for groceries before we headed home.

I made sushi-bar for Matty and Cin for dinner. Brian and Grace came by and joined us. Poor Grace accidentally left her purse and coat here last night, and didn't realize it until they made it back to Stevenson Ranch! So they had to make another trip down here.
I can't tell you how bad your memory gets after you have a baby. I think it's mainly due to the fact that you have more on your mind and you're carrying much more in hand (ie...baby, infant carrier, diaper-bag, etc...). Right after Ashlyn was born, I would leave my purse at restaurants all the time. That, and feedings...I would forget the time of her last feeding or confuse it with the day prior. *UGH!* I'm better now. hehehe

Brian and Grace couldn't stay long... they had a long day and a long drive back. Brian look visibly beat.

Cin, Matty, and I watched TLC's new makeover show, "What Not To Wear". That show is pretty brutal. The two fashion consultants (Wayne Scot Lukas and Stacy London) viciously rip on the targeted person (Eileen). Luckily she was a pretty strong person.
Secretly I wish someone would nominate me to be on that show, but honestly speaking, I don't think I can handle the critisms. =P *Darn!*

After putting Ashlyn to bed, we stayed up and watched "The Barbershop" on DVD, then "The Anna Nicole Smith Show" on E!.
Paul Hogan (the Butler from "Joe Millionaire") was on and they were doing a dating selection process much like "The Bachelorette" on "The Anna Nicole Smith Show". A reality show within a reality show....WEIRD! What made it even more weird was that Brook (the disgruntled bachelor from "The Bachelorette" was one of the eligilble bachelors vying for Anna Nicole's affections. What a total Man-Whore! The BEST part was when the three bachelors gave Anna Nicole a parting message before she made her final decision, and the Brook-guy jacked it up by accidentally calling Anna Nicole by Trista's name! *FALLING OVER LAUGHING!* HAHAHAHAHAHA! Is that whacked or what?!

My cold's getting worse. The glands in the back of my throat arre sore and I feel congestion building up in my chest. *sniffle sniffle*. Goin' to bed.

Pictures from today and tonight:

Ashlyn playing with bubbles

Ashlyn and Aric

Ashlyn, Matty, Cin, Arric, Brian, Grace, and Baby Brandon

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