Happy Friday! Tonight a bunch of close friends gathered for dinner at Gulliver's in celebration of Aric's birthday. We got a private section of the restaurant to accomodate our party and noise. Dinner was great...lots of good food and drinks! We discovered that Ashlyn has a fondness for beer. Uh-oh. =P hehehehe
A big heartfelt thanks to our friends for your generous gifts and wonderful company! My girl, Cin, flew in tonight for the weekend! YAY! =D

Afterwards, we continued the party at our house. *FUN!*

Wishing you all a fun filled weekend!

18482 MacArthur Boulevard
Irvine, Ca 92612
Tel: (949) 833-8411
Fax: (949)833-7695

Pictures from tonight:

Wey, Aric, and Mike

Matty and Bruddah Dave

Brian and Ed


me and Grace (and Baby Brandon)

Sue and Grace


Ashlyn..."Hmmm, do I want the Petite Cut or the Gulliver's Cut?"

Smiley Taylor


Baby Liv

me, Ashlyn, and Cin

Brandon and Liv
(cute couple, eh?) HAHAHAHA!

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