YAY! Sonny's back! YAY! Missed ya, guy!

I wanted to work out at the gym today, but Ashlyn wouldn't let me. Grace was busy and couldn't go, so the lack of Lauren and Taylor's presence at Daycare made Ashlyn even more clingy. I hope this phase passes soon or else my membership at the gym will be a complete waste. =( I have to admit though...I'm pretty surprised at my motivation. The desire to work out is such a nice change of pace from my formerly lazy self. hehehe

I met my bro-in-law, Patrick for lunch today at The Elephant Bar. It's been a while since we caught up...and it's always nice to see what he's been up to. It's also nice to bounce my thoughts and feeling off him. He's a great listener and has fresh and insightful views on things. Oh...did I mention he's single? *tee-hee* I ask about his personal life all the damn time, but luckily, he doesn't seemed bothered by it. I think his work keeps him too preoccupied to socialize (plus, he's pretty shy).

Afterwards, I picked up Matty at his hotel and we ran all around creation running his errands (not that I mind). It was a nice opportunity for me to get familiar with parts of OC that I haven't ventured into. =)

Tonight Aric, Matty, Ashlyn, and I went to dinner at Fatburger. I was hoping to take Matty somewhere nice (and that you can't get in NorCal), but he was really indifferent. He stated that they didn't have Fatburger up North, and the guys seemed really excited about it. I've never been to Fatburger. I'm not much of a burger-person. But it wasn't half bad. I got a Fatburger with bacon. I love that they put relish in the burger. *Mmmm!* =) Aric got a Fatburger with fried egg and bacon, and Matty got a regular Fatburger with chilli cheese fries. Ashlyn ate ketchup with fries...but mostly ketchup. She kept double dipping and licking the ketchup off. =/ She hasn't been eating very well these days. She'd rather play with her food than eat it, AND she insists on feeding herself (or she won't eat). *sigh* It's been such a struggle.
We went to CPK for dessert and spent the rest of the evening shooting the breeze.

Matty went back to the hotel, and Aric and I put the baby down a little earlier tonight. I think Ashlyn's coming down with something. Her nose has been runny all day. *DRAT!*
I'm feeling pretty tired myself...going to bed early.

I just realized that I haven't watched TV since last Tuesday! Ashlyn has been hogging the TV the past six nights with "Barney" and "Elmo" videos! I'm tellin' ya....SHE runs this house! *shake head* G'Nite!

Pictures from today and tonight:

Ashlyn and Uncle Patrick

Patrick playing with Ashlyn

Aric, Ashlyn, and Matty at Fatburger

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