"Hair today, gone tomorrow.."

Before and After

After months of complaining to Aric about my limp and lifeless hair, I finally got it cut today.
I wanted to cut it a while ago, but Aric (like most guys) prefer long hair to short. I really like long hair...just not on me. I think after my hair grows past a certain point, it starts to look really drab. That's the last thing I need...I need some spunk! hehehe
Well, what do you think?

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Finding a place that cuts good hair (for a decent price) is hard. It took me years and many awful/mediocre haircuts to find the salon I liked. But then I moved. =/
So the search continues. Glenda introduced me to this place in South Coast Plaza a year ago. It's okay...they cut decent hair, but I find them a bit on the snobby side and their prices a bit steep. In any case, that's where I ended up going today.
I was really self concious about the condition of my hair. My hair was really dry and damaged, and I had lost a tremendous amount of it after going through the Magic Perm process. It's a wonder I still had hair on my head! Luckily the stylist was really nice and didn't make me feel all shitty. She didn't drag her fingers through my hair with a disgusted look (as they so often do). After she washed my hair, she put on a deep conditioning mask to my scalp and hair. After the cut, my hair not only looked healthier and shinier....but felt thicker, too! I was really happy with my haircut. =D
Aric, Ashlyn, and I walked around the mall for a bit. Then went home.

Matty flew in tonight and I was hoping to see him...but he met up with Bruddah Dave. Maybe I'll see him tomorrow.

I wanted to squeeze in a workout at the gym, so I left Ashlyn with Aric. But when I got there, it was closed! I was sorely disappointed. I never took notice on how early they closed on Sundays. *bummer*
The rest of the evening was spent chilling at home. Aric's back is still bothering him, and I think it's affecting his mood. We had a pretty big arguement tonight. *Ugh!* But I don't feel like getting into it. Which is probably best. I used to be able to write all sorts of personal stuff, feelings, and thoughts here...but since I found out that Aric's co-workers follow my site regularly, I don't feel it's appropriate to divulge that type of information. *sigh* Sucks, yo!

Well, I hope you all had a good weekend!

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