From being incredible kids, you both have grown into exceptional young women.
I am so proud of you guys! Have a wonderful and memorable birthday!
I love you both 8====this====8 much!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to dear Winnie!

I can't believe we're in March already! It's scary how fast the days seem to fly by. I wish there was a way of slowing it down.

Brian, Grace, and Baby Brandon came down to visit today. We took them to Alerto's in Fountain Valley for lunch. Alerto's (or Alberto's, or Alberta's, etc..) is an authentic Mexican fast food chain....they have THE BEST carne asada burritos!

After lunch, we went to Marukai for some groceries (and met up with my father-in-law and Netty there too). I picked up some groceries, and Grace and I took our time browsing the aisles slowly. Marukai is great! Not only do you have a large selection of fresh produce, seafood, meats, fish, and Japanese/Hawaiian goods, but it's not nearly as costly as other Japanese markets.
On the weekends, they set up stands near every aisle for you to sample selected food items...kinda like Costco. =)

Afterwards, we went home and relaxed. Ashlyn wanted to watch "Barney" again, so I popped it in to keep her occupied. The men hung out in the office while Grace and I prepped dinner. Occasionally I would peek over to see what she's doing...because if she's too quiet, more than likely she's up to NO good. hehehehe
Ashlyn's gotten very good at climbing up onto the sofa all by herself. And this afternoon, she got her lil' hands on a BIG bag of pistachio nuts (that Aric left on the corner table). *sigh* Need I say more?
I discovered her sitting on the couch covered in pistachios, watching "Barney", and munching away. I didn't know whether to scold her or laugh. I chose the latter and took advantage of a great photo-op. HAHAHAHA! She looked quietly happy and gratified. Of course I wasn't too thrilled that a whole bag of nuts went to waste. Oh well.

Grace, James, Lauren, and Taylor joined us for dinner. We dined on Korean short ribs and sliced beef. With all the lil' ones, it was difficult for all of us to sit down together for dinner. We had to eat in shifts. Ahhhh, the joys of parenthood. =P hehehehe

Let me just say that Baby Brandon is soooooo adorable! I can't believe how much he's grown! He's such a big baby!...not fat, just BIG! Being only a couple months old, he's almost the same height as Taylor!

We had a fun and relaxing evening hanging out with our friends. Everyone left by midnight. *YAWN!* I'm pooped! Nitey-nite! =)

Pictures from today:


Brandon's cute face and smile!

Brian, Grace, and Brandon

Ashlyn and Aric


Ashlyn dancing

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