HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Juana's lil' girl, Eryn!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Virginia's lil' boy, Matthew!

Happy Friday! This morning I got up earlier than usual. Ashlyn and I took Ivy, Oli, Uncle Spencer, and Aunt Cecilia for breakfast at this hole-in-the-wall place in the Ranch 99 Plaza. Usually little hole-in-the-wall places have good eats...but this place sucked! I was pretty embarassed. Of all the places to go in Irvine, I had to pick this place. =( They served some rank soybean milk. It was kind of gray and tasted weird. The restaurant owner overheard us commenting on the unusual taste and appearance and came over and said the "unique coloring and taste" is the due to the fact that they grind their own soybeans. I thought she was being rude. She went on the say, "Well, if you prefer the store-bought kind, then I can serve that to you." Oli and his parents (being the nice people they are), politely declined. But I asked to be served the store bought kind. I don't mean to be difficult, but their "homemade" soybean milk was undrinkable! =/
After breakfast, Oli, Ivy, and Oli's parents had to head out. I was bummed to see them go, but considered myself lucky that they came at all.

Ashlyn and I headed for the gym afterwards. Ashlyn was being really clingy today. I dropped her off at Daycare and Grace and I settled into our first class - The Core: a combination of Pilates and Yoga. Not even five minutes into the warm-up and I heard my name being paged over the intercom. *Egads!* Ashlyn was crying hysterically in Daycare and all the other little kids surrounding her just stared quietly. I sat with her until she was okay enough to play with the other kids again...then I ducked out. But that didn't last long. I heard her crying again, so I went back. Basically I didn't get to workout today. I spent most of the time sitting in Daycare with her. *sigh* I guess it was for the best. My upper back/neck is still tweaked. I can't look up, down, left, or right suddenly without sharp pains. =P

Anyhow, today was our last day on the guest pass. Before Grace and I left, we sat down with a consultant and commited ourselves to the gym. Yup!...it's official, and I've got a membership card to prove it! HAHAHAHAHA! I just hope Ashlyn can get over this anxiety of hers. =/

I was supposed to meet Patrick for lunch, but Ashlyn was not being a good girl...so I canceled on my bro-in-law. Grace and I grabbed a quick bite after the gym and went home.

The rest of the afternoon was spent chillin' at home. Ashlyn refused to go down for a nap. She really needed it because she was driving me crazy with her unexplainable spurts of crying and moodiness. *Ugh!* By the time Aric came home, I needed some time away from her. As bad as that sounds, it's the honest truth. I love her more than anything, but certain days I can only handle so much (without wanting to break down and cry myself). It's sheer frustration.

Aric said that Ed wanted to get together for dinner. I felt like we ate out everynight this week! I really didn't feel like going but at the same time, I wasn't in the mood to cook. We ended up going to meet them at A&J's. Ho joined us too. Dinner was good though I didn't eat much.

Aric threw out his back last night, and it was really bad tonight. He can barely stand up straight and has a hard time getting around. I feel really bad for him. At the same time, my back's killing me too. I couldn't help but laugh heartily at our predicament: two gimpy parents and one incredibly demanding AND fussy baby. HAHAHAHAHA! Just shoot me!

Alrighty...it's damn late. Gotta go to bed. Have a good weekend!

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn and Oli

Oli, Ivy, and Ashlyn

me, Ashlyn, and Ivy

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