Today was pretty eventful and exciting. This morning I went to the gym with Grace. We got there earlier than yesterday and got in a good workout. I think I got overzealous and tweaked my back on one of the machines. =P I'm tellin' ya...I'm so weak and out of shape.
Call it a mother's intuition, but toward the end of my workout, I thought I heard Ashlyn crying over the loud music and background noise of all of the exercise equipment. I decided to check in at the daycare facility and sure enough...poor baby was standing by the door crying, "maaa-ma, maaaa-ma!" I sat with her for a bit till she calmed down, then resumed the rest of my workout. Another ten minutes passed, and I heard her crying again! This time, Grace went to check for me. She was unconsolable, so we wrapped up and left.

I don't know what's going on with Ashlyn....lately she's been crying more...for no particular reason. She has strange separation anxiety...and not just from me....from anyone. She doesn't like people leaving. She cries with so much sadness that it just breaks your heart. *sigh* What to do? What to do?

Grace and I planned to meet Sue for a late lunch. We picked her up and she took us to Afternoon Tea at Someplace In Time in Oldtown Orange. I've never had Afternoon Tea before. It's really cute. We sat at a quaint little teahouse tucked away in Oldtown Orange (adjacted to the Antique Mall). We sampled loose English Tea, Peach Melba Tea, and Queen Elizabeth Tea while we enjoyed a cup of soup and munched on fresh baked scones (with cream and jam), finger sandwiches, fresh fruit, and pastries. It was so dainty and fun. =D
I would love to try different Afternoon Tea places....but I gotta tell ya, it's kinda pricey.
Ashlyn, who was exhausted from a long morning and noon, slept through most of it.

132 S. Glassell
Orange, CA 92866
Tel: (714) 538-9411 Ext. 23/28
Fax: (714) 538-6783

While I was driving Sue home, I got a call from Ivy. She and Oli (and Oli's parents) were in the area researching something. It was a very spur-of-the-moment roadtrip. I was really excited to hear from her, and we planned to meet for dinner. But then their meeting took longer than anticipated and it began to get very late. They decided to stay the night (YAY!), so I took them to South Coast Plaza and Target to pick up toiletries, toothbrushes, and essentials.
We enjoyed a late dinner at BJ's Pizzeria and spent the evening playing with the baby.

After Oli's parents retired for the evening and Ivy and I tucked Ashlyn into bed, Aric, Oli, Ivy, and I stayed up till 3am catching up. *YAWN!* What a nice surprise! =D G'Nite!

Pictures from today and tonight:

Afternoon Tea

Grace and Taylor

Sue and Baby Liv

Grace, me, and Sue (with our lil' ones)

Uncle Spencer, Aunt Cecilia, Oli, Ivy, and me (and the back of Ashlyn's big head). hehehe

Ashlyn waving

Ashlyn and Ivy playing


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