So check this...Grace and I tried out this gym today. She got 6 guest passes and offered to share them with me. For those who know me well, knows that I'm a lazy pig and would rather have my feet cut off than to step foot inside a gym. No joke. I hate working out. I much prefer recreational exercise (ie...biking, yoga, rollerbladding, swimming, bowling, dancing, indoor rock-climbing, miniature golf, etc...) to keep in shape. But the truth is...when was the last time I did those things?
After having Ashlyn, I've succumbed to complete gluttony. The only reason I haven't gotten as big as a cow is because I'm obsessive-compulsive...always going around the house making sure everything's clean and orderly. =P
Anyhow, after checking out the gym with Grace, I've had a change of heart. There are so many cool things about this gym that makes me excited and motivated:
1) it's for women only (which makes for a comfortable environment to work out).
2) they offer childcare.
3) they have all the cool machines and fun classes (pilates, kickboxing, yoga, step, etc).
4) they have wonderful instructors and trainers on hand
5) they offer spa services (massage, facials, etc)
But my main motivator is having a partner (Grace) to work out with.

Unfortunately, Grace and I didn't get a chance to work out as long as we wanted...we picked an off-peak time to go and discovered that the daycare was closes around that time. We had only half an hour to exercise. We wasted most of it stretching and warming up. =P
We were able to get on a couple of machines though. I'm such a weakass! Grace was curling three times the weight I was! I'm so pathetic. =T
We'll go earlier tomorrow.

After our short workout (if you can even call it that), Grace and I grabbed a quick bite, shopped for groceries at the market, and then went home.

Ashlyn took a long nap while I put away groceries and chatted on the phone a bit with Ivy.
I told her about the gym, and she was in total disbelief. HAHAHAHA! Then, when I told her how weak I was, and she was laughing so damn hard (the kind that doesn't make any sounds). You Batch! Anyway, when she finally finished having a good laugh, she was being very encouraging. hehehehe

Ashlyn and I went over to Grace's for our usual Wednesday Night Dinner. It was really yummy! Tonight was quiet...just me and Grace (and our lil' ones). Grace and I ate first while Lauren, Ashlyn, and Taylor watched Elmo on DVD. Then it was the kiddies' turn to eat.
Aric joined us after school, and James came home shortly after. We sat around in Lauren's room talking and playing with the kids.

My tummy wasn't feeling well, so we left a little earlier than usual. We got back around 11, and Ashlyn fell fast asleep in the car. Luckily, I already changed her into her pjs at Grace's. Tucking her in was easy. =)

Tummy kinda hurts so I'm going to bed. G'Nite!

Pictures from tonight:

Taylor eating a teething biscuit. *messy messy!*


Ashlyn kissing Dad
(HAHAHA...the look on Aric's face is funny..HAHAHA)

Ashlyn and Aric

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