One of the nicest things in my life is my friendship with you...
and even if we don't have a lot of time to spend with each other,
I want you to always know how much I appreciate you!
Have a happy day! =)

It's raining today. Ashlyn and I stayed indoors just kickin' it. I was in such a lazy mood and didn't do a damn thing. hehehe

Ashlyn's currently in love with Barney. I was never a fan of any of the muppet-type shows (except for Sesame Street), but now that my lil' munchkin's totally into it, I find myself enjoying them too. Barney's actually a pretty cool show. They have an ensemble cast of kids and feature a small group each time (rotating kids with every show). These kids are pretty talented. The entire show is choreographed, complete with acting, singing and dancing. The songs are pretty catchy and I find myself humming them throughout the day.
Anyhow, Ashlyn has a couple of Barney videos on DVD, and everyday she'll request to watch it by pointing to the DVD player and asking for "Bardy". It's really cute. She gets all excited and dances to the music. The problem is, she wants to watch it repeatedly. I can only stand to play it twice without going completely bonkers. If she had it her way, it would be on ALL DAY! =/

Tonight Aric and I had dinner with Ed and Sue at Market Broiler in The Block at Orange. We haven't gone there in a while but it was a place we used to frequent when all four of us were dating. Kinda brings back memories. =) They have great chowders and a wide selection of fresh fish and seafood. My favorite dish is their Hawaiian Poke appetizer. It's the best I've had on the mainland. We shared that and some oyster shooters. Everyone order different types of fresh fish except for me..I had the Tri-Tip and Scallops with Bacon. Mmmm!
Aftterwards, we walked around The Block. Luckily the rain had ceased and allowed us to walk off our food. All the shops were closed so we went to Vans Skatepark to watch people skate (or honestly speaking, we wanted to see people eat it on the ramp). hehehe Yeah, we're so mean. =P There were some pretty awesome skaters tonight. Ashlyn was so excited watching all the skaters. Before we left for home, we stopped of at Krispy Kreme for free samples and a half dozen donuts. *Ugh!* I'm so full.

20 City Blvd. West Bldg. J, Ste R-6
Orange, CA 92868
Tel: (714) 769-FISH

Well, I missed the special on Evan and Zora's reunion interview. It's no big deal though...I read about it in People Magazine. But I can't believe I missed the Grammy's yesterday. So bummed. Oh well. G'Nite!

Pictures from tonight:

Ashlyn and Aric

me and bighead

Sue and Ed with Baby Liv

Baby Liv...SO CUTE!
(who do you think she most resembles? Mom or Dad?)

Ashlyn working on a big piece of bread

washing it down with a refreshing drink

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