Happy Friday! Today Ashlyn and I spent a lazy day at home...not doing much of anything. It was kinda nice. =)

Tonight Aric, Ashlyn, and I had dinner with Ed, Sue, Baby Liv, James, Grace, Lauren, and Taylor at the Atrium Court (food court) in Fashion Island. Ed wanted us to try this wrap place called Tacone. I'm sorry, but it wasn't nearly as good as World Wrapps (which has locations in ONLY Seattle and Northern Cal). Someone should really open up a World Wrapps in this area...I think it would make a killing. Better yet, someone loan me 300k, and I'll start one up. hehehehe

After dinner, we walked around Fashion Island...even though the shops were closed. The brisk walk and the cool night air felt invigorating. We stood around the Koi pond talking. Ashlyn has yet to realize the consequence to depth perception and water...she kept trying to walk into the pond. Aric had to really hold her back. hehehehe

While everyone headed over to Ed and Sue's afterwards, Aric and I decided to head home early. Ashlyn looked tuckered out and we knew she would instantly fall asleep in the car (which she did). Aric has school tomorrow and I still have my video recording of "The Bachelor: Tell All Interview" to watch. HAHAHAHA!

Have a great weekend, yo!

Pictures from tonight:

Aric and Ashlyn

Lauren and Ed standing by the Koi pond



sleepy Ashlyn

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