Today kinda felt like a Monday. =T Sarah and Parkin left this morning. BOO-HOO! Ashlyn and I got to spend a couple of hours with them this morning, but Ashlyn was sad and cried a lot when they left. =( Ya'll come back again real soon, ya hear?

Ashlyn and I stayed in today. I was expecting to meet with the Homeowners Insurance agent this morning, but she never showed up. Hmmmm. I cleaned up around the house and vacuumed. I found all these loooooong hairs with fiery tips on the carpet (Sarah's). I should collect them all and make a wig for Ashlyn. HAHAHAHA!

Tonight was pretty quiet. Aric and I watched "American Idol"...which was aiight. But I was really looking forward to "Smallville". "Smallville" was pretty intense tonight. It's becoming more difficult and complicated to mask Clark's identity. There are so many catalysts created and I don't know what direction they're going to take this show. It's so nerve-wracking! *crack knuckles* I felt really sad for Chloe. Her letter to Clark made me all teary-eyed. Someone needs to get rid of the doctor-lady....she knows too much!...she knows too much!!!
Okay, I know...I need to get a life. =P

Feeling really tired tonight. I'm going to bed early. Much apologies for the late posts. I had too much fun over the long weekend and barely sat down at the computer. hehehe

Pictures from today:

Sarah, Ashlyn, and Parkin

Ashlyn posing! hehehehe

squishing Parkin

Ashlyn stacking rings

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