To THE nicest girl I know~ Wishing you all the goodness you kindly give to everyone else! *HUG HUG!*

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Jennifer and Sunny!

Today was eventful and relaxing. We all slept in, then got ready to meet Sarah's cousin, Regina, for lunch in Brea. Of all the restaurants to choose from on Imperial Highway, Sarah and Parkin chose Islands for lunch. I snickered at the choice, but kinda understood since it looks like a cool restaurant and they don't have Islands in NorCal. hehehe

After lunch, we walked around Brea Mall for most of the afternoon. Then went to Marukai for some groceries and ingredients for dinner. I swear, everything we do tends to relove around food and/or our next meal. HAHAHAHA!

Tonight we had japanese food. We had salad, miso soup, cold soba, sake and hamachi sashimi, and I laid out a bunch of stuff to make our own California and Spicy Tuna rolls. I didn't know how it would turn out since I never done it before (I stole the idea from Grace). hehehe It turned out pretty good and I was so happy! *pat self on back* HAHAHAHA! We all ate a lot.
Our friend (and accountant), Arnold, came by. Since he didn't have dinner, I forced him to finish off the remainder of the food. =)
We had chocolate dipped strawberries and mochi ice cream for dessert.

Parkin brought a tape of all the shows he and Sarah missed along the week. It's kinda like his own little ghetto TiVO. hehehe We spent the evening watching "24", "Angel", "CSI", "Law and Order", and "Survivor: The Amazon".
*Arghhhhh!* Now I'm all hooked on these shows. The last thing I need is to become a prisoner to the telly! *sigh* Too late! =P

Somewhere in between all that TV, Aric and I had to put Ashlyn to bed. Her new thing these days is having BOTH Aric and I tuck her in. Before, I would have her kiss her father and take her up myself. Now if we walk away from Aric, she cries out to him....and if he takes her up, then she cries out to me. *sigh* So we left Sarah, Parkin, and Arnold to entertain themselves while we went through the long ritual of putting her down for bed. We usually put her to bed when she shows signs of sleepiness (ie...rubbing eyes, yawning, etc..). But the minute we put her in her crib, she's all wide awake and energized. She tumbles all around her crib banging into the rails and laughing. It's cute and all, but sometimes it gets frustrating. It took nearly an hour before Aric urged me to go downstairs and keep our friends company.

Ashlyn's definitely a handful. She has such a strong will that getting her to listen is hard. She hits less now when she gets mad...I guess all the scolding finally sunk in. But NOW she gives attitude! If we say "no", she's literally give lip!...she'll do this pout thing. It's hard to explain, but Sarah and Parkin find it hilarious. She just started doing it. It makes me shake my head with disapproval....but deep down inside, I find it pretty hilarious too. HAHAHAHA! Where does she get this stuff from?!

We stayed up late watching TV and talking. I love having Sarah and Parkin here! I think they're enjoying themselves too, because they decided to extend their trip an extra day! Yippee! =D G'Nite!

Pictures from today and tonight:

Sarah and Parkin at Islands

me, Sarah, and Regina (with our food)

Aric and Ashlyn


our dinner table

Sarah and Parkin eating

Ashlyn eating

Ashlyn and Parking kickin' it on the stairs

me and my lil' monkey


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