Last night, before bed, I asked Aric if he was free for lunch today. He looked unsure and said that he may have a meeting and will get back to me. I was a bit bummed since I planned a surprise picnic lunch...but what can I do, ya know? Anyhow, for some reason, that conversation carried over into my dream. I dreamt that he called to say that he couldn't meet me for lunch due to a meeting...but in actuality, he was having lunch with another girl. I wasn't mad at all...just wondered why he lied.
But when I woke up this morning, I was pretty peeved. HAHAHAHA!

So this morning, I called to ask if he was free for lunch. Eerily, he said that he had a meeting...BUT was available for a late lunch (around 1-ish). So I dropped in a couple of loads of laundry, cleaned house (for Sarah and Parkin's arrival tonight), and jumped in the shower. I just barely got out of the shower when I heard a knock on the bedroom door. Not knowing who it was (intruder or what), I totally freaked! I instinctively ran into the bathroom. If I was a good mother, I would have grabbed the baby and ran into the bathroom...but she was all the way across the room...and hey, I was butt-nekkid! To my relief and delight, it was only Aric. *whew*

He surprised me by taking a half day! Aric planned a picnic lunch for us at the park...great minds think alike, yeah? hehehehe We picked up Oscars and went to Cedar Grove Park. It finally stopped raining, and it was a really beautiful day. We ate lunch under the warm sun and played with Ashlyn on the playground. I was so happy! =D

Tonight we celebrated Valentine's Day dinner with Ed, Sue, and Baby Liv. How romantic, huh? HAHAHA!...kidding. It didn't matter to me. After a great afternoon, I would have been perfectly fine just staying at home. The guys tried making reservations, but many places have been booked up a month ago. We went to Morangak Korean BBQ in Garden Grove for dinner. Afterwards, we walked around the market (and picked up some groceries), then headed over to Fleming's Prime Steakhouse in Newport Beach for dessert.

I've never been to Fleming's before but heard only great things about their steaks and prime ribs. And from the service, menu selections, and samples of their desserts, it's apparent that this is a great place to eat. Ed, Sue, Aric, Ashlyn, and I shared a Banana Creme Brulee, a Valentine's Special Decadance Cake, and an Apple/Pear Torte. They were all very yummy! I think I gained 5 pounds right on the spot. hehehehe
I have to go back for a real meal next time. =)

455 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Tel: (949) 720-9633
Fax: (949) 720-9634

We stayed out pretty late and didn't get home until midnight. Ashlyn was pretty tired and conked out in the car. Thanks to Ed and Sue for sharing this wonderful evening with us!

Sarah and Parkin will be here any minute now. *YAY!* Can't wait!
Hope you have a great long weekend! =D

Pictures from today and tonight:

Ashlyn checking out the park

Ashlyn in the choo-choo train

Ashlyn on the swing

Ashlyn and Aric

Ed, Sue, and Baby Liv

Aric, me, and Ashlyn

our yummy dessert

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