(Oli and Ivy - New Years Eve 2002)
Wishing you a glorious day full of love, laughter, hugs, kisses, and sweets that turn your tongue blue! HAHAHAHA! Miss and love you lots!
Ashlyn's saving a nice slobbery kiss for you! =)

It rained off and on today. I was in a lazy mood and stayed home in sweats. Ashlyn continues to have diarrhea, but her diaper rash calmed down a lot. The baby powder Grace suggested worked wonders. I'm learning so many new things each day. hehehe

Speaking of Grace, she (and the lil' ones) stopped by this afternoon to drop off my camera. I saw her everyday this week so far. Wonder if she's getting sick of me yet? HAHAHAHA!
We sat around and watched "Emeril Live". He had a Valentine's Day special featuring married guests. This one couple has been married for 50 years. That's a pretty long time! What I noticed in most "older" married couples is that the men age better than the women. So not fair! My mom used to tell us to marry guys who are at least five years our senior...for maturity and aging reasons. hehehehe
Of course I didn't listen. So I'm sure by the time Aric and I turn 60, I'll look like I'm his mother. *Gasp!* HAHAHAHAHA!

Tonight was pretty mellow. Dinner at home. Aric and I saw parts of that new reality series, "Are You HOT?" *roll eyes* Lame show. It shocks me how some people are so full of themselves. It's one thing to be confident, but another to be self absorbed in vanity. We decided to pop in "The Bourne Identity" on DVD.
The movie was disappointing. It lacked a lot of character development, story plot, attention to details, and the chemistry between Bourne and Marie was next to nil. Sad. I like Matt Damon, too...but this was definitely not his best work.

*YAWN* Schleepy. G'nite!

Pictures from today:


look at that profile...super FLAT! HAHAHAHA!

Ashlyn kissing Caillou
(which BTW, is an annoying show...but the doll was only 2 bucks!) HAHAHA

Ashlyn and her beads

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