Once again, it rained all day today...but this time, it came down hard and unrelentless.
Ashlyn had another bout with diarrhea again. It puzzles me since she barely eats. But I figured it's caused by all the yucky stuff she puts in her mouth or licking her grimy hands all the time. *Ewww!*
She had a really foul explosive diaper first thing in the morning...the kind that leaked out and soiled her clothes....and she went through five diapers before noon! Poor thing. By the afternoon, she developed a pretty bad diaper rash, and changing her became a daunting task (with all the kicking and screaming). =(

Tonight I went over to Grace and James' for our ritualistic Wednesday Nite dinner. They served up yummy korean food and fresh fruit for dessert. Mmmm! =)
I caught parts of "Dawson's Creek". Though I liked Joey and Pacey's relationship much better before, I still think they're a cute couple. I haven't been following "Dawson's Creek" since last year...got so sick of the main characters hookin' up with a new person each week, so watching Joey and Pacey tonight lacked the innocence and intensity. *sigh* Oh well.
We watched "The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All". Bob looked good....he lost some weight (not that it bothered me any), but I really like him. Nice fella. Russ looked sour still...and same with Brook. Dude, homeboy kept repeating the whole horse-excuse, but someone's gotta clue him in that Trista just wans't interested. Obviously he didn't get the hint. Loser. It was nice seeing some of the other guys again. I think Jeff's cute (famous for the tire-changing incident). It was fun watching the behind-the-scene footage of the guys at their pad. Reminds me of a frat house. Boys will be boys. hehehe I'm looking forward to next week's finale.

Ashlyn had several yucky diapers at Grace's. Her diaper rash flared up badly...the worst she's ever had. Toward the end, I couldn't bear her pain, and decided to rinse her off with water instead of using the wipes. I ended up giving her a bath (with Lauren helping). Ashlyn felt much better afterward.

Aric joined us after school, and hung out with James for a while. Ashlyn fell asleep in my arms around 10:30, and we left an hour later. I'm pretty tired too. So I'm gonna try to go to bed early (or earlier than usual). I just realized that I left my camera at Grace's. =(
I didn't take many pictures though (I've been pretty bad about that lately), but I'll backload the pics tomorrow.

I'm enjoying the game on the guestbook. We had a few misunderstandings regarding the rules to the game. It's totally my fault for not explaining in detail. But I think everyone's gotten the hang of it by now. I was going through them and (for a split second) was thrilled to find that Kevin Bacon signed my guestbook...but realized that it wasn't THE Kevin Bacon (at least I don't think it is). hehehehe
Thank you all for playing. I don't know how long we can keep it going before movies and stars are repeated. Evil was saying that she could have put down a name to stump people. And you know what?! BRING IT!...that's the whole objective. HAHAHAHA!


Pictures from tonight:

Ashlyn and Lauren playing


Ashlyn drawing

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