It rained all day today. In the afternoon, the sun peeked out for a little while before ducking behind the clouds again. Very strange weather we're having. But I welcomed the rain...it always has a way of making the air smell fresh.
I considered staying in, but decided to get out and run some errands. I just realized that Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I have no idea what to get Aric. *ACK!*

Grace and I went to South Coast Plaza. I picked up Ashlyn's portraits at Sears. For some reason, the pictures I got back didn't look like the ones I picked. Her smile looks goofy and crooked, and one eye is bigger than the other. But then again, she didn't take very good pictures that day. Maybe these are the ones. *shrug* Eh, who cares...she still looks cute. hehehe
We walked around, had a bite at Vie de France, then took the lil' ones to the carousel for a ride. Lauren sat in one of those stationary benches (she hasn't worked up the courage to ride the horse yet). Ashlyn, on the other hand, had a blast. She was a bit freaked in the beginning (when the ride started moving)...her knuckles were white from gripping onto the pole...but after a while, she relaxed and held on with one hand while pointing to everything with the other.

Tonight I made a yummy dinner: pureed cream of vegetable soup and chicken curry.
Aric and I watched "American Idol" for the first time. Boy, that Simon-guy is brutal. I know he's being completely honest, but I felt bad for some of the performers. On the flipside, Paula Abdul seemed too soft on her critiques, and I didn't find her helpful in the selection proccess. Good heavens for Randy Jackson. I really liked Rebecca Bond, Ruben Studdard, and Kimberley Locke...the rest were aiight.

GATDAMN!...tonight's "Smallville" rocked! The beginning Chinese gambling club scene was weird and ill-placed (I kept waiting for Jet Li to pop out)..but the rest exceeded my expectations with many twists and surprises! Lucas Luther was pretty ruthless. And right when you thought that Lex was defeated *brakes screeching* HOLD UP!...he'd bust out in a way only Lex can. It was like Battle of the Badasses! *clapping* I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! HAHAHAHA! I need to grow up, huh? =P

Heard that "Dawson's Creek" is ending. Yeah, I think it's time....they be strugglin'. But from commercial previews, next week's episode will reunite Joey and Pacey again (in a Big-K, no less). I think the pinnacle of the show was the earlier stuff and when Joey and Pacey hooked up.

I want to try something. The last time I was visiting family, my friends and I played this drinking game at Wil's (minus the drinks).
We would begin with an actor/actress...then list a movie they were in...next person would list another actor/actress that was in that movie...and so on.
For kicks, let's try it on my guestbook. I'll start it off with Tom Cruise. You in? *wink*

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me and Ashlyn

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