Today was pretty eventful. I spent the morning doing chores and three loads of laundry. I swear I just did laundry not too long ago (actually, five days ago to be exact)....frightening how quickly it piles up again! =/ On a bright note, the whole house smells April-Fresh. hehehe

I had a late lunch with Grace, Sue, and the lil' ones at O'Shine Cafe. I was just there less than a week ago, but their Tainan Dry Noodles were calling out to me again. Besides, Grace has never been there and the food is inexpensive. =)
Baby Liv is starting to grow out of the newborn-look. She's losing that "pinkness" and her facial features are more prominent. As usual, she slept all through lunch. I rarely get to see her awake.
Taylor changed too...not so much in appearance, but comprehension and skills. I was amazed to see her feed herself bread at lunch. Yes, most of it ended up in her lap or on the floor, but she's definitely getting the hang of it. =D
Lauren gets smarter (and smart-alecky) each time I see her. She likes to joke around and act goofy. She's very inquisitive and loves to ask you the same questions a million times. HAHA!

You know what we noticed? Ashlyn and Lauren have a strange love/hate relationship (much like sisters)....they like being together (in small doses), enjoy copying one another, laugh hysterically together, and are fiercely competitive. I wonder if they'll grow up being true friends...you know, because they want to, not because they have to.
If I think about it, I'm not really friends with any of my parents' friends' kids. It was definitely a bummer to hear, "so-n-so is going to Stanford"..or "so-n-so is studying to be a [insert esteemed and high paying profession here]"...or "so-n-so is so pretty and such a good girl". Sure, this is the same girl I saw spilling her drink all over herself at Abzolut parties. Hmmmm. *roll eyes*
I don't want to do that to Ashlyn. Hopefully Ashlyn and Lauren grow up being friends...we'll see, right? =)

After lunch we walked over to Lollicups for boba. Even though Tapioca Express is across the street, I was still feeling bitter and ripped off over the expired frequent buyer cards incident. *shake fist* DAMN YOU, Tapioca Express!!!
Lollicups was pretty good. I got a Jasmine milk tea with mini boba and a Peach yogurt slushie for Ashlyn. They were both yummy. =) We sat around a bit before the lil' ones started acting up, and we had to leave.
The weather was dark and gloomy. The threat of rain loomed overhead all day. I took my time driving home...especially after witnessing a pretty bad car accident earlier. =/ I knew Ashlyn would fall asleep before we got home (which she did).

Tonight was pretty chill. Grace, Lauren, and Taylor came over after dinner. We watched "Couples Fear Factor". That was pretty cool. The first challenge (water challenge) was nerve-wracking. Two couples eliminated themselves out of the game by giving up. I didn't understand how the rest of the show played out with only two couples. I think I'm still confused. One couple won the second challenge while the other couple won the final challenge AND walked away as the big winners. *scratch head* =T
"Joe Millionaire " was such a disappointment! I thought that this would be the final episode! Instead, tonight they re-aired clips from previous episodes on Sarah and Zora. Why the heck do I want to see stuff I've already seen? SHEESH! The tabloids are starting the leak info on who Evan chose...but I'm being good by turning the other cheek. Next week is the two-hour finale. Enough already!
I skipped "Miracles" tonight because Grace is easily freaked out over spooky stuff. See, aren't I a good friend? HAHAHAHA! Actually I'm not, I just realized that the entire time they were here, I didn't offer them anything to eat or drink. *GASP!* DAMN! =(

Alrighty, it's late...I'm going to bed. Aric's busy downloading ringtones onto my phone and copying DVDs. We have a bunch of movies I want to see: "Undercover Brother", "Unfaithful", "The Bourne Identity", "Lilo-n-Stitch", "Triple X", and the first "American Idol". YAY!

Pictures from today:


Baby Liv



Taylor, Lauren, Sue, and Grace at Lollicups

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