Happy Friday! Wing came over again today. I treated him and Grace to lunch at BJ's Pizzeria. It's been a while since I've gone to BJs. Lunch was good...conversation revolved around Valentine's Day plans (or lack thereof) and the Michael Jackson interview.
Ashlyn's not in an eating mood today. She turned away almost everything I gave her....even her favorite "nanner" (banana). =(

After lunch, Wing, Grace, and I ran some errands at the market and Costco. Even though I said I didn't need anything, I still ended up buying a box of strawberries, a case of water, a jumbo snack-packs of Pringles, and batteries. Costco is evil! HAHAHA!
We went our separte ways shortly thereafter.

Aric had to meet with his study-group after work tonight to work on a project. I feel like I barely saw him the last three evenings. *pout* If it weren't for Wing and Grace's company, I'd probably be pulling my hair out.

Tonight Aric got back earlier than the other nights....and he had a surprise for me! A copy of "The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers" on DVD! We popped it in and spent the evening watching it together. =D
It's a viewing DVD (for Oscar judges), so every once in a while, the words "for your consideration" pops up....not that I mind. =D I swear, we must be the only ones who haven't seen the movie! The movie is AWESOME!

It's late! G'nite! Have a great weekend!

a strawberry for Ashlyn


Ashlyn's pics of the day

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