Wing came over today around noon, and we went to O'Shine Cafe for lunch. We shared yummy delicacies such as spicy chili tripe and stewed pig ears.
Sounds like a "Fear Factor" challenge, huh? hehehehe I assure you it's not THAT bad...it's actually quite tasty! I know I taked about this before, but I already know I could NOT be on that show. Especially after Monday's "Gross Fear Factor" and Tuesday's "All Female Fear Factor". On Tuesday's show, one of the challenges was to transfer electric eels from one tank to another. CRAZY! A year ago, Bett expressed interest in applying for the show...I wonder if she ever turned in her application? *wink*

After lunch, Wing and I walked over to Tapioca Express for boba. We met Grace, Lauren, and Taylor there. I was sooooo bummed out to find out that my frequent buyer cards expired! I had a whole card and a half!...which meant I was entitled to 3 free drinks and 2 free spicy fried chicken bits! It's been a long long time since I went there because the cards had expired December 31st of last year! Bummer! I feel sooooo robbed! =(

We didn't hang out for long. Grace and Wing had plans for the evening and needed to get back. Ashlyn and I had no plans. Aric had a Department dinner and didn't get home until late. Ashlyn and I spent a quiet evening at home watching the two hour "Michael Jackson" special and the "PrimeTime Live" follow up.

*sigh* What can I say? As a kid, I absolutely loved Michael Jackson. It changed once he started to change his appearance, though I still respected him as an artist. He hasn't done anything noteworthy in a while, but I still respect him as a person. The interview made me feel really sad for him. With all that fame and fortune, he appears very lonely. His limited source of happiness (his children, shopping, and playing with other children) is now under intense scrutiny because of the interview. Which makes the whole thing even sadder.
I don't think he got a chance to enjoy his childhood, and is now making up for it (hence...climbing trees, waterballoon fights, Neverland, and sleepovers with kids).
I know everyone thinks he's a whack for doing that, but I truly believe that it's not a sexual thing. He's just being a "big" kid. The only thing I didn't believe was his claim of having only two nose jobs. I think he's done much much more than that. But it's obvious that he's not comfortable in his own skin. What can I say?...we should just leave him alone.

Ashlyn turned 16 months today! Last month, she had only four visible teeth...this month, she has ten (upper and lower central incisor, upper and lower left lateral incisors, and upper and lower right and left molars)! WHOA! I'm just waiting on her upper and lower right lateral incisor, upper and lower cuspids, and her other set of molars and we've got a full set of teeth! YAY!
She continues to "talk" a lot, and the words are slowly forming into something we recognize. She copies and repeated things we say. She seems to know more Chinese than English. She also started to hum or sing along to songs. She's gotten very good at going up and down the stairs unassisted (but it still makes me nervous watching her). She also started to climb things...which caused her a few ugly spills off the couch and ottoman. But she never cries. Her separation anxiety has mellowed this month. Whew! Her appetite is back, though it's inconsistent. There are days where she can eat more than I do and other days when she won't touch a lick. It's weird. I think she's entering her "Terrible Two's" early. This month she has developed hitting, screaming, and tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants. *squint eyes* That girl, I tell ya, has a bad temper!
I always give Aric accusing looks and say, "She got it from you!" But who am I kidding...it's totally ME! HAHAHAHA! On the bright side, she gives lots of hugs and kisses. Which, when given after she did something wrong is very evil and tricky! *squint eyes* It melts my heart, even though I won't show it. hehehehe My lil' girl is growing up fast. Thank goodness for these monthly notations. Without them, I really wouldn't remember. =P

Pooped! G'nite!
Pictures from today:

Ashlyn trying to get away from Uncle Wing. hehehe

Taylor, Grace, and Lauren

me, Ashlyn, and Wing

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