HAPPY 81st BIRTHDAY to my godfather, Rudy!
I miss and love you very much!

Today (like yesterday) was pretty mellow. Stayed home, got some laundry done, some cleaning, some vacuuming, some reading, some Tetris-playing on the Gameboy. hehehe
Ashlyn's been taking long naps lately (anything over an hour). WOO-HOO! I almost don't know what to do with myself during that time. =D

Grace invited us over for dinner tonight. Wednesday night dinners at Grace's are awesome. Grace and James are amazing cooks, and I always look forward to what they have to serve. HAHAHAHA! They find my enthusiasm and glee both ridiculous and entertaining. Whatever...they're the ridiculous ones, you should try their cooking! =)
Tonight we dined on fresh steamed large clams in garlic broth, green salad, fresh steamed crab (one for each of us), and linguine and baby clams in light tomato broth. Everything was delicious! For dessert, I bought a Cheesecake Factory sampler platter from Costco. We tried all four types with Cherry Garcia ice cream (my favorite) Mmmmm!
I swear, if James didn't already marry Grace, I'd marry her myself. HAHAHAHA!

Grace, James, and I caught the last half of "The Bachelorette". Finally!...Trista gave Russ the boot. I was never crazy about him from the beginning. And tonight, after their heated and intense conversation at dinner, I knew he had to go. Between Charlie and Ryan, I think she'll pick Charlie. If it were my choice, I'd pick Ryan. I'm a sucker for Ryan's shy poem-reciting vulnerable personality. He's cute too! *giggle* Oh, is it just me, or have you also noticed Trista's "baby" voice? She's usually well spoken, but with the guys, her lil' "baby" voice comes out. Ewww! It's annoying.

Aric joined us after he got out of school. Grace fixed him a plate and we sat around talking and enjoying our dessert. We stayed till close to midnight. Both Ashlyn and Lauren were getting tired and were starting to butt heads (literally)!

Brrrrr....it's getting chilly here. My teeth chattered the whole way home. It's 45 degreees out...which is low for this area.

I'm still working on posting the journals from my last visit. I'll try to get them up later this week. I hope. =P G'nite!

"hmmm...whatcha do to get those beads?!" hehehe

"greedy" face

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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