Today was a fun day! Grace, Sue, and I got together for lunch at Marukai and some grocery shopping. We enjoyed a long leisurely lunch while catching up and swapping stories. After Marukai, we all headed over to Costco to pick up additional groceries.

Grace and I are used to juggling our lil' ones while running multiple errands, but Sue said she hasn't been out of the house this long in a while. I dropped her off right after our Costco run, as not to overwhelm her. I can still remember what it was like having a newborn and venturing out for long periods of time. It's kinda scary.
Though I didn't enjoy being cooped up in the house, home offered convenience, safety, and security...at home the baby was free to cry as loud and long as she liked without me developing some sort of anxiety-attack. hehehe
But Sue has nothing to worry about...Baby Liv has such a sweet temperment. I never hear a peep out of her...she's always quiet. She has grown a lot since I last saw her (which was a week ago). They sprout so fast!

Taylor grew too! She changes everytime I see her. She is such an angel. She has all the characteristics anyone would die to have in a baby...so laid-back, happy, low-maintanence, and always smiling. What a cutie-pie! =)

It never ceases to amaze me how babies are born with a certain personality. I have to say that Aric and I were blessed to have the similar laid-back and happy attitude in Ashlyn. But as she's getting older, we notice that it's getting tougher. *sigh*
Ashlyn's developing quite a personality these days. She's too sharp for her own good, and her determination and stubborness gets her into a lot of trouble. As of late, she has began to hit when she's upset. The first couple of times I instinctively smacked her hands for hitting. But then realized that that's where she probably learning it from....me. =(
So now I sternly scold her and give her stink-eye whenever she acts out. Yelling (loud scolding as I prefer to call it. hehehe) unfortunately, has become a daily ritual. Today she suprised and amused me when she brought her little finger to her lips and "shhhhhh"-ed me! HAHAHAHAHA! It's difficult to stay mad when you're laughing so hard. HAHAHAHA!

Tonight was pretty chill. Aric and I had hot dogs for dinner and watched TV: The challenges on "Fear Factor" were pretty disgusting. I was impressed that the male-model hottie won. WOO-HOO! hehehe
"Joe Millionaire" was good. I'm so glad Evan gave the curly-haired girl (Melissa) the boot. She annoyed me with the way she tried to be buddies with everyone while talking behind their backs. I totally believe she was in it for the money. During their private date, she was trying so hard to seduce him. It was shameless. The way she sat when she threw herself on him, gave the camera an eyeful of her white skivvies. *yikes!* I couldn't stop laughing. Good riddance, Girl!
I finally caught "Miracles" with Skeet Ulrich. Unexplainable mysteries...the paranormal...I LOVE IT! *clapping* Can't wait to see next week's episode! =D

It's late. I'm going to bed. G'Nite!

Pictures from today:

Grace and Taylor

Sue and Liv

Taylor laughing

Goofy Ashlyn

Lauren, Ashlyn, and Taylor having fun!

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