Gong Xi Fa Tsai!
Welcome Year of the Sheep/Ram!

Today was another eventful day. Aric, Ashlyn, and I got up early. I had a dress fitting in Cupertino with Ivy and Dana for Sarah's wedding. I'm very excited!..we're all getting "special" dresses made. YAY!

After the fitting, we went to Cupertino Village on Wolfe for lunch. Sonny met up with us. We ate at Wolfe Cafe, and throughout lunch, they kept reporting on Space Shuttle Columbia's fatal descent. =( We walked around afterwards, bought sweets at AjiIchiBan, then headed home.

Aric and I met my old coworker, Mary, at Starbucks. I have been really bad at meeting up with her in my last couple of visits...and she was still hanging onto a Christmas gift for Ashlyn. As we talked, I was pretty shocked to find out that the company I used to work for, now employs about 10 people. When I first started there, we had 40 employees...and during the pre-IPO rage, our company expanded to over 200 employees in a short period of time. It made me wonder what the economy will be like when I eventually go back to work. I'm sure all my previous experience will become obsolete. Well, at least I can always fall back on my winning smile and sunny disposition. HAHAHAHA! Perhaps I can finally work as a dim sum cart pusher like I always hoped for (long story). hehehehe

Tonight a bunch of us got together for dinner at 369 Shanghai Restaurant, dessert at Q-Cups, and a savage game of Uno at Wil & Tony's. It was nice to be able to see everyone before Aric, Ashlyn, and I leave for home tomorrow. Hung out till late. Most of the fellas fell asleep before SNL came on. *weak!* hehehe

Pictures from today and tonight:

Sonny and Ashlyn

Dana, Sarah, Ivy, and me at lunch

Ivy, Aric, Ashlyn, Sonny, Sarah, and Dana at Cupertino Village

Ashlyn giving Mary a kiss

me and Mary

Marisa, Tony, Wil, Bett, and Terri at dinner

Cin, Matty, Wing, me, Ashlyn, and Aric


enjoying Q-Cup

Marisa and Bett

thirsty Ashlyn

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