Happy Friday! Like every Friday I visit, I had planned to hang out with Sis. Unfortunately, she couldn't come out-n-play today....she had many preparations for tonight's big Chinese New Years Party.

Wing and I went to dim sum at Dynasty Seafood for lunch. Originally we had planned to grab noodles at Lion Plaza...but that place was WAY too crowded and crazy. I don't know why we opted to go from one packed plaza to another...but in any case, we were able to find parking at Century Plaza.

After dim sum, we walked around the indoor mall. Shop owners were setting off firecrackers outside of their stores to ward off bad luck in the new year and such. I couldn't believe they were setting off firecrackers in an indoor plaza. Before long, the whole complex filled with smoke and the fire alarms went off. *shake head* Not smart.

My dear childhood friend, Levi, came to visit this afternoon. I haven't seen him for almost a year now! It was really nice being able to spend some time catching up and chatting. Much has happened in both our lives (though his life is more exciting) . hehehe =)

Picked up my sweet hubby at the airport. SJ International was strangely quiet tonight.

Tonight was our family's big Chinese New Year celebration. Sis had the party at her house. We ate lots of delicious food (thanks to Sis' mother-in-law) and drank lots of expensive wine (thanks to my bro-in-law). He busted out a $400+ bottle of 1986 Cabernet Sauvignon! I've never had anything that rich before...and all I can say is...you gotta let that thing breathe for a good half hour (otherwise it's way too strong)! hehehehe

There were a lot of kids at Sis'...all relatives, and all older than Ashlyn. Not that that stopped Ashlyn from playing with them. At one point I went to see what they were all doing, and soon realized that they were all running away from her. Ashlyn, not knowing any better, thought it was a game. She excitedly chased everyone squealing and screaming with delight...until they all barricaded themselves in a bedroom and wouldn't let her in. She pounded on the door with her tiny fists and cried. I felt so sorry for her. I finally knocked on the door and asked the older kids to let her in. Yeah, I'm such a meddling mom. hehehehe

This is the first year Aric and I handed out red envelopes to all the kids. Last year, we were pitifully unprepared (I think we only gave money to my nieces sans the red envelopes). =P It's a good feeling to give out red envelopes. I felt like such a grown up! HAHAHAHAHA! Ashlyn got A LOT! What a lucky girl!

Around midnight, we moved the party to my parents' place and gave our respects to our ancestors. We burned incense, counted our blessings, and prayed for another year of good health, happiness, and good fortune.

It was a long night. Everyone went back to Sis' for a all night game of mah-jong and karaoke. Aric and I decided to pass on that and go to bed. I'm still light headed from the wine. hehehe

Hope you all have a great weekend and get lots of red envelopes! hehehe

Pictures from today and tonight:

Wing and Ashlyn

me, Leev, and Ashlyn

HAPPY Ashlyn

Ashlyn with my (fobby) cousins- Heather and Eva

Wil, Natalie, and me

Mom and Dad

kids playing with sparklers

me and my sisters

trying to get everyone together for a family picture

my family =D

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