Unlike yesterday, today was a busy day packed with lots of activities and friends to see.

I met Sonny for lunch at this Pho place in Lion Plaza. Ashlyn fell asleep shortly before we got to the restaurant so Sonny didn't get to play with the lil' one as much this time. It did allow us to talk and catch up more though...which is really nice. Although we've been friends for many years, I'm still getting to know him. At the end of our lunch, we walked around the crowded plaza. There were several tents set up selling fruit, plants, trees, rice cakes, red envelopes, incense, firecrackers, etc...for the upcoming Lunar New Year. Very fun! We stopped off at the center of the plaza so Ashlyn could ride one of those mechanical horses. Sonny had to get back to work, so we headed home.

Wing stopped by for a little while, as did my niece Marisa and her cousin, Miko. They did cartwheels and breakdancing moves in the living room to entertain the baby (and us). hehehe

Tonight I had Girl's Nite dinner in San Mateo. I picked Wil up at work...and poor girl wasn't feeling well. She caught something and lost her voice. =(
Ashlyn had a good time walking through her auntie's work and peeking into everyone's cubes/offices.

We met up with Cin, Ivy, and Bett at Red Robin at Bridgepoint. We had a really nice time catching up. Afterwards, we went to Target for shopping. Sarah, Joyce, May, Liz, and Stacey were nearby having dinner also. We decided to meet up in the parking lot, since I wanted to see everyone...especially May (who's visiting from Hawaii). We all hung out in the parking lot, and even flagged down a security guard to take picture for us. hehehe
Unfortunately, Ashlyn was really tired and didn't have any problems voicing her displeasure. She was shamelessly wailing away. Our little parking lot party got broken up....and we all went home.

*sigh* What an eventful day! =D

Pictures from today:

Sonny and Ashlyn

nonchalant Ashlyn

me and Wing

Wil, Bett, Ashlyn, Ivy, and Cin

Cin, Ivy, and me

staring at the baby

staring right back

Liz, May, me, Bett, Ivy, Wil, Sarah, Cin, Stacey, and Joyce

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