(Steve & Alice -Feb 2002)
Wishing you a great birthday!

Ashlyn and I spent a relaxing day with my dad. After breakfast, we took my car to the car wash for a good scrubbing...there were too many dead bugs splattered on the hood and the windshield. *yuck!*

To my surprise, my dad's never been to a car wash before! He's been to the drive-thru kind... but not the kind where you leave the car with the attendant and they'll holla for you after they're done. I guess it shouldn't surprise me, since as kids, my sisters and I washed our parent's car on a regular basis. hehehehe

In the afternoon, I picked my nieces up from school and hung out with them. Amanda didn't have to go to the store with Sis, so after her homework and chores, we spent the rest of the evening together. I haven't had a chance to really spend time with my older nieces in a long time. They're usually so busy. We had a really fun time! =)

Amanda and I had dinner with my parents, rented a couple of movies at Blockbuster, and picked up ice cream at the market.
We got a chinese movie called "Happy Times", "The Good Girl" (with Jennifer Aniston), and "Ballistic: Ecks VS Sever".
"Happy Times" was a funny, touching, and entertaining film. "The Good Girl" was not so entertaining. It was slow and strange with a tongue-in-cheek satirical look at smalltown America. I didn't get a chance to watch "Ballistic" because it was late and Ashlyn needed to be in bed...which means bedtime for me too. If I leave her alone on the guest bed, she'll roll right off onto my parent's hardwood floors...and that wouldn't feel so good. =P hehehe

Pictures from today:

Dad and Ashlyn

Ashlyn driving

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