Though you're halfway around the world,
I just wanted you to know that your friends back at home are thinking of you.
Have a great day!

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear firend, Richard!

Ashlyn and I got a late start this morning. I was hoping to leave the house by 9am....but didn't end up leaving until noon. I was a little nervous about the long drive, but it turned out okay.

Ashlyn was very good for over three hours. I had music going the entire time. I switched between her CDs and mine. We stopped off in Bakersfield for a late lunch, leg-stretching, diaper-changing, and a fill-up. When I got back on the road again, she started to cry out a bit. In the rear-view, I saw her struggling to get out of her car seat. She put up quite a fuss for half an hour, then.....silence.....she fell fast a sleep. The next three hours went by pretty fast. I had Aric and Ed, my mom, and Sarah keeping me company via cellphone.
I also kept up with an Audi A6 as my "pace car". He was hauling ass, and by staying a couple of car lengths away made getting to San Jose a breeze. =)

Ashlyn and I pulled up to my parents' driveway at 6pm. Mom and Dad were busy fixing dinner in the kitchen when I walked in. My parent's were hosting a dinner party and prepared a bunch of great dishes. After unloading the car, I helped out as much as I could.

Sis, Marisa, Wil, and Tony came over around 7pm, and my parents' friends came shortly after. Dinner was great! It's nice to be back...my parents' house is always so festive!
Sorry...I forgot to take pictures. =P

YAWN! Tired. G'nite!

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