Have an awesome day!

Today was a pretty busy day. I had a bunch of errands to run: took Ashlyn to get portraits taken, shop for birthday gifts, and exchange some items at various stores. After Ashlyn got her pictures taken, I met up with Grace so we could go to The Spectrum together. Once I was done completing everything on my list, we walked around for a bit and bought a slice of banana cream cheesecake at The Cheescake Factory to share. It was a really warm evening so we sat outdoors by the fountain to enjoy it. Mmmm!

I got home in time to drop off some stuff and to pick Aric up. Aric and I had dinner plans with Ed, Sue, and Liv. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that dinner was going to be at The Cheesecake Factory. Since being there earlier, I was kinda hungry for their Luau Salad. =P hehehe

Dinner was good. I ordered my Luau Salad and was more than satisfied with it. It was nice catching up with Ed and Sue. Liv slept the whole time. She is such a quiet baby (though Sue begs to differ). HAHAHAHA! Ashlyn kept everyone entertained with her silly faces and goofy antics. She recently learned to wink....or I should say, tries to wink. She'll suddenly cock her head and blink both her eyes. It's pretty hilarious. And of course she loves to do her "cold" face for anyone who wants a good laugh. Sometimes she clenches and shivers so hard I worry that she's going to pop a blood vessel. Ashlyn really puts a lot of gusto into her "cold" face. HAHAHAHA!

We walked around The Spectrum after dinner, but all the shops were closed and it was oddly quiet and deserted. Usually when we go, it's bustling.
We all made a trip to Sav-On for medication and toiletries. My poor hubby developed a sty in his right eye...and Brian suggested some ointment.
I bought another facial cleanser...the one I'm currently using (Biore Foaming Face Wash) is causing me to breakout. =( I used to use Clean & Clear's Deep Pore Cleanser (it's similar to plain Noxema), and it worked really well for many years...but slowly my skin has changed, and it doesn't work well for me anymore. So now I'm going to try Basis' Cleaner Clean Face Wash. I'll tell you how it works. hehehehe Actually, the facial care products I like the best is Shiseido's Pureness line. But it can get a bit pricey...and the convenience of running to the drugstore rather than a department store suits me better.

I missed the premiere of the new TV drama, "Miracles" tonight. From the commercials, it's a bit spooky like "The X-Files". I'll have to catch it next Monday.

It's late...I have to finish packing for my trip up North, and take care of some odds-n-ends before bed. Ashlyn and I are driving up tomorrow. It'll be my first time driving up with her (alone). Not quite sure how that's gonna be. It should be fine since Ashlyn enjoys long car rides and has the ability to sit in her carseat for a long period of time. But we'll see. =P

Updates (plus pictures) will resume when I get back. Bye!

Pictures from today:


getting a picture of Grace getting a picture of the kids. hehehehe


Ed and Liv at Cheesecake Factory

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