Today was pretty quiet...picked up around the house, surfed the net, and responded to a bunch of emails. Ashlyn kept busy with her toys and has recently learned to put most of them back into her toy chest. *YAY!* Although sometimes she gets sidetracked midway through and decides to do something else. I've had to fight the urge to clean up after her so she can learn. hehehehe

Anyhow, my guestbook's been getting a lot of action these couple of days..which would normally make me happy...but the recent negative activity has made me feel awkward, disturbed, and kinda glum. If the negativity was addressed toward me (which I'm always open to), that's fine...but because it was addressed toward someone else, I feel sadly responsible. I don't want to censor anyone, but I don't quite understand the motivation.
So yeah...that bummed me out all day. =(

Grace invited me over for dinner, so Ashlyn and I went over pretty early and had a really nice evening. Grace offered a generous and elaborate spread of make-your-own handrolls and sushi. Her spicy tuna was incredible! Dinner was so awesome...better than most Japanese restaurants I've been to! *YUM!*

Most of the evening, the lil' ones watched The Wiggles repeatedly on video. I think we watched it four times! Now I have one of the songs stuck in my head. =/
By 9:30, it was our turn to watch TV and we caught the last half hour of "The Bachelorette". I haven't been watching "The Bachelorette" that much...only catching the rose ceremonies, but I'm surprised to still see Russ on the show. Hmmmm. "Celebrity Mole: Hawaii" was pretty good.
Aric joined us after school, and we enjoyed fresh strawberries and mochi ice cream for dessert. We left shortly after midnight. Thanks, Grace and James!

Tonight I got to thinking of all the wonderful people and friendships I've made here. I have strong bonds and the security of my friends back home, so most of the time I don't expect to form friendships of that level anywhere else (or ever). I don't know why I have that mentality, but in any case, I've come to realize not to forsake the friendships I'm lucky to have forged here. I've also realized that I have put in less effort with these people than I have the potential to....and because of that, I feel shameful and guilty.
For example: after I had Ashlyn, Ed and Sue would visit often (especially on the nights that Aric had school) to ensure that I wasn't lonely, hungry, bored, or exhausted.
To date, I have only visited Ed and Sue once since Baby Olivia was born. Damn, I feel awful!
And tonight, with all that Grace has on her plate, she still finds the time and energy to welcome me over so I wouldn't be alone. *sigh* I'm deeply touched and feel remorseful for not being equally thoughtful or considerate. *tsk-tsk* I've got much to work on.

Don't mind me. I'm just in one of those moods. Pondering life and emotions...lotta stuff swimming in my head tonight. G'nite!

Pictures from tonight:

Lauren and Ashlyn watching "The Wiggles"


Ashlyn, Lauren, and Taylor

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