Today was a really nice and relaxing day. Ashlyn and I met Grace, Lauren, and Taylor for lunch at the food court at The Marketplace. We took advantage of this beautifully sunny and warm weather, and ate outdoors. I indulged in some pretty darn spicy Indian food while Grace had Greek. Mmmmm!

Baby Taylor is getting so big now. While Grace took Lauren to the bathroom, I played with Taylor, and she is becoming more interactive. She smiles and laughs and coos. It totally warms my heart! She is such a happy and laid-back baby.

Afterwards, we went over to Ikea and Target for household and baby items.
Ikea's having a pretty big sale. I picked up a baby duvet cover that I had been eyeing...it was originally priced at $12.95, but I got it for only $2.95! That's damn cheap! I also bought a few packs of recieving blankets (for the same low price)...so I can practice embroidering on them. I don't even think you can get material at the fabric store for that price. =D

I haven't seen or talked to Grace for a couple of weeks (aside from last Sunday). We've both been homebound and caring for our sick lil' ones....so it was nice getting together and catching up. I really enjoy the time spent with Grace. She's swell! hehehehe

Ashlyn and I got home late in the afternoon. I prepped dinner while she played with her toys. Actually, I don't know if "play" is the right word for what she does with her toys...more accurate descriptions would be: "beat on", "abuse", "destroy", "toss" and "pulverize". We've been trying to teach her to "play nice" and "be gentle"...but it's futile. I think she's spoiled. Aric thinks she's just a tom-boy. Whatever it is, it's apparent that we have a rough one on our hands. Did I mention that her new thing is growling? Yep..that's my girl.*sigh* =T

Tonight I made sushi/musubis for dinner. It was pretty yummy and filling. I think I've stumbled on a real simple, healthy, and convenient way to feed my family. hehehe
Tonight was TV heaven! I watched "InStyle -Celebrity Weddings", "Smallville", and "Meet My Folks". *clapping*

My back's starting to act up again. I need to make an appointment with the Physical Therapist office tomorrow. But before I do that, I need to find a sitter for Ashlyn. I'm feeling a bit apprehensive about leaving her with others though. =( We'll see. G'nite!

Taylor smiling *CUTE!*

Ashlyn at lunch

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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