Rich and Millie came over this morning. We hung out a bit trying to decide where to have lunch. Since we took them to The Spectrum on their last visit, I thought they might enjoy Fashion Island in Newport Beach. It was a beautiful day to walk around and enjoy the warm weather. Millie told me that Rich has never been to Hooters before and wanted to check it out...your wish is my command. =D
I've already been there, and really enjoyed their chicken wings...so I didn't mind at all. When we got there, both Aric and Rich looked hesistantly bashful. Throughout lunch, the fellas talked busily among themselves and kept their eyes on the table. hehehe To break the ice, I leaned over and said, "Are you looking at the boobies?" hehehe They seemed disinterested. Guess it's no fun to go to a place like Hooters with your wife, huh? =P HAHAHAHA!

Afterwards, we drove down to the Boardwalk/Fun Zone and took the ferry across to Balboa Island. I love riding the ferry to Balboa. Boardwalks/Piers are a big passion of mine. I don't know what it is...but I absolutely love being by the water. It's so calming. =)
On Balboa Island, we parked the car, walked the main strip, and got frozen bananas. It was great! I wanted to take Rich and Millie to Fashion Island, but we were pressed for time and didn't get a chance to go. *sigh* Next time.

Aric and I hosted a BBQ for Rich, Millie, and our usual group of friends tonight. We stopped off at Costco and the market on our way back.

Lucille, who I haven't seen since my wedding came over to join us. It's a small world I tell ya! She and I have been friends since '97...but she's also a long time friend of Millie's. So it was great being all together.
Brian, Grace, and Brandon, Ed, Sue, and Olivia, James, Grace, Lauren, and Taylor, and Wey all came over for dinner. Rich was our grilll-master for the evening and did such a kickass job on the chicken, franks, and ribs! Thanks, Rich!

The rest of the evening was spent hanging out and enjoying everyone's company. I was so busy playing host that I realized I barely got to talk to anyone.....between making sure everyone was comfy, watching the kids, and keeping damage control to a minimun in the kitchen, I rarely had a chance to sit down and just chill with my friends. It didn't help that I'm obsessive-compulsive either. Never knew I had ocd until reading Winnie's journal...and realized that THAT was SOOOOO ME! I have to make sure everything is in order before I can sit down and enjoy the evening. =P

Everyone hung out, talked, and watched the Golden Globe Awards. I caught bits and pieces here and there and enjoyed seeing all the beautiful gowns everyone wore. Although some were downright hideous (ie...Lara Flynn Boyle). Good gawd, girl! *YUCK!*
Jennifer Aniston could have looked better. I don't know if it was the heavy eye makeup or her hairstyle (like she tied it back at the very last minute in the limo). It was whack. =/ But Brad Pitt looked hot (even with his "Joe Dirt" hair). hehehehe

Most of our friends left around midnight. Rich, Millie, and Lucille stayed a bit longer to chat and left an hour later.
I'm so pooped! Today was a long day. I had a great time though! =) Hoped you all had a great weekend!

Pictures from today & night:

Aric and Rich with our waitress

me, Ashlyn, and Millie

Rich and Millie on the ferry

Aric chillin' in the car

Ashlyn chillin' in the car, too!

Millie, me, and Lucille

James and Taylor

Baby Brandon

Baby Olivia smiling in her sleep

Taylor and Lauren

Millie, Lucille, and Wey

Brian, Aric, Grace, Brandon, Ed, and Ashlyn

"Right On!"
(James wearing Aric's afro-wig) hehehe

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