CONGRATULATIONS to Rob and Brooke!

(Hawaii- September 2002)

Today was pretty quiet. Aric had school this morning and took my car. Ashlyn and I hung around the house and watched cartoons. My brother-in-law, Patrick, came over to drop off the latest "Smallville" episode on DVD and to pick something up. He ended up staying for a while and played with Ashlyn while I relished my episode of "Smallville". hehehehe

After Aric got back, we fixed a simple lunch and both relaxed on the sofa. We made sure Ashlyn got in a good nap before Rob & Brooke's wedding.

Rob and Brooke, who got married overlooking a beach in Hawaii, had their formal reception tonight....at Empress Pavillion in LA Chinatown. It was a beautiful and intimate dinner party. The 8-course meal was really delicious and plentiful! Not all the guests showed up at our table, so we had more than enough to eat. Ed, Sue, Olivia, Wen, and Connie shared our table, and we had a great time! =D
Both the bride and groom radiated with happiness. Brooke had three outfit changes, and looked absolutely gorgeous in every dress. *beaming* I'm so happy for them!!! =D

Pictures from today & night:

Ashlyn playing with Daddy

"peek-a-boo" with her pillow

Rob & Brooke

wedding cake

Sue and Ed

Wen and Connie

Aric, Ashlyn, and me

Aric and Ashlyn

Baby Olivia sleeping

party favors

couple toasting tables

Ed, Rob, and Aric

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