Waddup, Dawg! Just wanted to wish you the very best for your 30th birthday!
Let's celebrate, oka'? =D


Warm wishes for my lovely gal-pal!


Happy Friday! Today was relaxing. Ashlyn and I spent the day chillin' at home. Her cold's pretty much gone....and now she's turned into an eating-machine! I'm glad her appetite's back...there were a few days last week, when she wouldn't eat or drink anything at all. During the time she was sick, she lost almost four pounds! For her, that's A HECK OF A LOT to lose!

Our doctors appointments went well yesterday. I had a series of X-rays taken, and aside from some swollen tissue and mild scoliosis, I'm relieved to say that it's nothing more than back strain. The doctor prescribed two weeks of physical therapy (three times a week) to help strengthen my lower back muscles. I'm glad he didn't just prescribe pain-killers or a muscle-relaxant. I wanted to remedy this back pain, not mask it.
At Ashlyn's appointment, the doctor said she was well enough to get her two shots (which left her pretty sleepy the rest of the day yesterday).

Tonight Aric, Ashlyn, and I had dinner at Chevy's. I haven't been there in a while and was kinda craving their steak fajitas. I dunno....I've been craving Mexican food ever since I read about Sarah's tasty burrito in her journal. HAHAHAHA!
Ed, Sue, and Baby Olivia joined us at Chevy's and we watched the exciting (and extended) end of the Lakers VS Rockets game.
Boy, that Yao Ming is a GIANT! After Shaq's racial trash-talk, I'm glad the Rockets won.

After dinner, we all went over to The Wherehouse to check out CDs and DVDs, and to walk off our meal. I bought two CDs...Disney ones for Ashlyn. Okay, they're for me, but she can listen to them too. hehehehe I can't remember the last time I bought a CD...I mean, now that we can download every and any song from the internet, there's no reason to pay $17.99 for a CD. But Disney songs are hard to find...and the 20-song compilitaion was well worth it.
We came home shortly afterwards and put the baby to bed.

Aric has some studying to do, so I think I'll go paint my toes. =) Have a great weekend!

Pictures from tonight:

Ashlyn coloring


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