After a month of progressive pain and a helluva time sleeping last night (or NOT sleeping)...I finally made an appointment to see an Orthopedic Physician. I just can't stand it any longer! First thing tomorrow morning, I'm going to get this thing checked up. Yeah, I know what you're thinking: "Finally! What took you so long?!" *shrug* I dunno...I was hoping that it would go away on it's own. I just never imagined that it would get this bad.

I didn't do much today...took it easy.

Ashlyn surprised me with a solid diaper today! *YAY!* No more diarrhea! She also woke up with a voracious appetite. I think she finally shook this cold. *YAY*YAY!* =D

Anne came over this evening to hang out. I haven't seen her in ages! We had a nice catch-up session. Unfortunately, I had to cut the evening short since Eleanor called to say that she (along with Edith, Edna, Evelyn, and the fellas) found a way to get out of a family dinner and wanted me to kick it with them at their Hotel Suite. Aric had school tonight, so Ashlyn and I headed over to Anaheim to hang out with the cousins.

We ordered pizza, pasta, ribs, and salads. Played with the kids and chatted up a storm. It was cool getting a chance to hang out with the cousins again...especially since their schedule is pretty packed. It was really sweet of them to make time for me and Ashlyn. =)

Gawd, can I tell you what an addict I am?...by 9pm, I was itching to grab the remote and switch it to "The Bachelorette". HAHAHAHAHA But everyone was watching "Smokey and Bandit" or something. I finally spoke up around 9:30 and subjected everyone to watching it with me. =P I only caught the rose-ceremony....so I didn't know what happened with that guy, Brook. But he looked scary-psycho. I was a bit bummed that Trista got rid of Jeff. He's hot! hehehe Afterwards, we watched "Celebrity Mole: Hawaii". But I left before it ended.

Going to bed early...both Ashlyn and I have Doctor's appointments tomorrow. G'nite!

Pictures from today:

Anne and Ashlyn

Ashlyn snacking


Ashlyn's pics of the day

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