Today was a quiet day. Ashlyn's still sick....it's been a whole week now. =( Her cough continues to sound really congested and wheezy, and she still has diarrhea. On the bright side, her nose runs less now and she's slowing getting her appetite back. Ashlyn's becoming less patient with the nebulizer now. Whenever she sees me approaching her with it, she runs away. hehehe I don't blame her. The mist that comes out of that thing smells funky....like the the air from a fog-machine. *blech*

I cleaned up around the house today and vaccuumed the entire house. We got another Ionic Breeze machine for Christmas (from Ed)...and we keep that in the living room. Seeing how much dust and debris that collects on that thing is freaky. =O

We also got a visit from Eleanor and William today. I haven't seen Eleanor and William since Ashlyn's birthday. And in that short time, William sprouted and looks like a big boy now. He's an amazing kid....really sharp. This afternoon, he was showing me his first loose tooth (I can see his big tooth coming out right behind it). The way he jiggled his little tooth made me feel weak in the knees. =P I'm not quite ready for that yet. HAHAHAHA!
It also brought back traumatizing memories of when Sis used to trick me into opening my mouth and yanking out my loose teeth. I must have been so dense back then because I fell for it more than once. HAHAHA!

Tonight was pretty quiet too. Aric studied while I watched the "American Music Awards". I have nothing against The Osbournes, but I thought the Awards show was kinda messy. I watched an hour of that, then switched to "Joe Millionaire".
I know everyone's sick of Evan-what's-his-name, but I think he's adorable. I liked how he made each group-date do manual labor before the date. I think it's a smart way of finding out someone's character, solidity, flexibility, and integrity. I was also surprised to see him cut seven girls from the group tonight. I was sad that he let Dana go, but glad that he got rid of Heidi...that girl's diabolical! If you missed it, Fox is airing a 2-Hour Encore Presentation this Thursday. WOO-HOO! =)

I'm totally getting into these new Reality-TV series. Last night, I watched "High School Reunion". It sorta reminds me of "Real World". How anyone would agree to go on that show is beyond me. Wasn't high school enough? It just seems like regardless of the successes and growth since then, this show has a way of undoing all that and subjecting you to an unnecessary popularity contest. No thanks.
I sound like I have a grudge against high school, huh? I do and I don't. For me it was difficult to imagine what life beyond high school would be like. Then you graduate and get out into the real world and realize that this is when your life REALLY begins, and everything you thought was important really wasn't. In general, high school was such an awkward time for me.

Oh, I also watched "The Barbershop" last night. What can I say? Ice Cube...awwwww yeaaaaah! =D

Below are some pictures of Ashlyn. She got a hold of a blue pen and was drawing on a pad of paper. It wasn't until much later that I discovered that she drew on herself. PUAAHAHAHA!

Ashlyn's artwork

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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